Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Curry Just Needs More Momentum

By Jon Easter

Democrats know Terry Curry. They believe he can be the next Marion County Prosecutor. They supported him in the primary and carried him to an easy victory over Greg Bowes. He's qualified, prepared, and ready to serve. So, what's the problem? Why am I writing a post saying he needs more momentum in rolling out his campaign?

The baseline vote of Marion County plus all the problems the current officeholder (the gift that keeps giving AKA Republican Carl Brizzi) is having would seem to make Curry the front runner in November, but that's against a normal Republican. If Helen Marchal had stayed in the race, I think I would likely agree, but the opponent for Curry is Governor Mitch Daniels' choice for Prosecutor, Mark Massa. That means there's a lot of work to do for Terry Curry to build on his perceived advantages, and the time is now to begin moving forth.

It's going to take a lot of money to win, and Massa has the deep pockets of Mitch Daniels machine behind him. Make no mistake, Mitch Daniels doesn't want Terry Curry in the Marion County Prosecutor's Office. As I believe I've written before on this blog, the Marion County Prosecutor is extremely powerful because any potential crime by state government goes through Marion County's courts. If you have a Republican in the office, the chances of an investigation into wrongdoing certainly would seem to be less.

Terry Curry is raising cash right now. He has multiple fundraisers each week, and I'm sure that will show up on his campaign report for the next quarter. I would, however, caution his campaign not to forget the big picture. While the money is nice, I think it's time to provide some substance to the campaign and Curry's camp should do it to show a clear difference between their campaign and Massa.

So far, Mark Massa has made news by calling for ethics reform and the resignation of Carl Brizzi. Both news conferences looked more like political stunts than actual statements of policy. This is an opening for Curry, I think. I would suggest rolling out a "Peterson Plan" or "Brizzi Brief" style document soon. I would call a news conference to do it. While no one is really paying attention yet, earned media is going to be extremely important. At least it will allow voters to get to see the excellent candidate that he is. Instead of being purely reactionary to Carl Brizzi, Curry would show that he's building a campaign based on experience and substance.

The window is still open to get this done, but it's closing fast. The work done now will pay off later on in the campaign. As Curry says, it's just 153 days until we elect a Democrat as Marion County Prosecutor.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

Great suggestion for Terry, Jon. It would be glorious if he, like Mark did, soon presented the public, with itemized promises, what with the horror show we have had, with some other Marion County Prosecutors.