Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Carson: A Hero to LGBT Community

By Jon E. Easter

Julia Carson was revered in the gay community. She was everybody's Grandma Julia, and I can tell you stories that I've heard from the LGBT community that will warm your heart about how this devoutly Baptist woman embraced an entire community of people that often don't get a voice.

As good as Julia Carson was with the LGBT community, her grandson, André, is trying to be even better.

While Brad Ellsworth and other state and federal politicians from both sides of the aisle stayed far away from Indy Pride this past weekend (you all know who you are), Carson dove in with both feet. No...literally...both feet...walking the parade route while shaking hands, kissing babies, hugging people, and doing what he does best. That is giving the LGBT community a strong, supportive, and solid voice in Congress. It's not just lip service. It's tacit support that brings results back to the community.

He's done it since the day he took the oath of office. Carson joined the LGBT Equality Caucus in Congress and is the only Indiana member of that delegation. It was something he didn't have to do as a new member of Congress, but he did it anyway. Beyond that, he is a clear and constant voice for LGBT rights in Congress. He didn't have to think about how to vote on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He just did it.

It's another example of why I'm proud to be represented by André Carson, just as I was his grandmother. It's the caring Carson spirit that runs in the family. It definitely was passed from grandmother to grandson.

(Photo by Wilson Allen)

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