Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Report Says Williams to Drop Mayoral Run

By Jon E. Easter

Terry Burns over at the Indianapolis Times is reporting that businessman Brian Williams is dropping his bid for Mayor of Indianapolis and is planning to endorse Melina Kennedy. Details are here. Jim Shella is also reporting the information as well after having talked with Williams.

Frankly, I'm surprised. I expected Williams to go through all the way to at least slating next year, and I wouldn't expect a few rank-and-file Dems to just forgive Williams quickly after the failed coup he attempted to pull on the before the Primary.

If I were Kennedy, I would enlist Williams' assistance in attacking Mayor Ballard's utility transfer plan. Williams has clearly been all over this issue, and it has been a glaring weakness so far in Kennedy's attack as she has been ultra silent on the issue (for whatever reason).

Brian's exit leaves Jose Evans and Ron Gibson in the race.


Anonymous said...

Jon... This is a good thing for Democrats. They can unite behind a great candidate and focus on winning the Mayor's office back in 2011.

You know very well Kennedy CAN'T talk about the water company because of ethical conflicts with her firm (so don't give us this "for whatever reason" junk). You also know that won't last forever.

Anyone who thinks the election will be decided on one issue 18 months out from election day isn't very astute.

We should be celebrating someone in politics who still believes that the ethical path is the best path! It seems subtle but it means a lot to me that she has chosen to follow the rules of ethics even though I'm sure she's chomping at the bit to speak out on the issue.

The time will come. Be patient.

Jon E. Easter said...

WOW! I guess I'm doing something right. Last week, I was biased FOR Kennedy. This week, I'm against her.

I'm aware of the stated reasons why she can't talk about the water deal, and I have blogged, commented, and talked about that before.

Williams now can give her the mouthpiece and surrogate that can now buttress her argument.

Indy Student said...

Anon, while you might think it's ridiculous, the utility sale might be the biggest issue of...well, since the water and sewage utilities were originally purchased. Unless Ballard makes some serious headway on his parking privatization, I doubt there will be an issue bigger than the water utility sale.

Due to the agreenment and how it's being sold, it's not something that can be reversed. But it's something Democrats will latch onto, and it's a good example of the pseudo-transparency of the administration. Yes, they hold tons of public forums, but then they release hundreds of pages of documents all during a weekend before a city-council vote.

As someone considering voting Democrat for the mayor's office, this disappoints me greatly. I'll keep my mind open on Kennedy, but I'm hesitant to support her until she displays more substance so I can make a proper call.

Anonymous said...

To Indy Student: I absolutely agree with you. Kennedy better start coming out with some substanative policies ASAP, otherwise she doesn't have a hope. Williams was a really viable candidate. It's a shame to see the democratic machine push him out.

Anonymous said...

This truly is disturbing news as Brian was clearly the best candidate. Until she talks, I can only assume Melina doesn't have the wherewithal to respond to the tough issues facing this city. If you can't talk about where you stand on campaign issues due to ethical conflicts, how in the world can you expect people to rally behind you, let alone run for public office?? If the party insists on backing such a weak candidate, I may have do something I have NEVER done before...vote republican.

Jon E. Easter said...

Other than the water policy, can you tell me a substantive policy position for Williams? Evans? Gibson?

It's still 2010 folks. Be patient. All of the candidates are staying out of the way of the 2010 races, and Ballard hasn't even announced he's running for re-election yet.

Anonymous said...

My biggest concern is how Kennedy will survive her past. She wanted to provide gang amnesty to felons. The GOP is going to have a field day on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy is playing it smart. She should not allow her 2011 race to overshadow the 2010 races. She is being supportive of this year's ticket and that is as it should be. She will have plenty of time to articulate her views on many topics. Let's get this election over first!!