Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Advice to Republicans: Leave the Sheriff Ellsworth Thing Alone

By Jon E. Easter

Saturday, at the Indiana Democratic Party State Convention, Brad Ellsworth laid to waste those critics who are making an issue about his campaign's decision to utilize a law enforcement motif in his run for U.S. Senate.

"I am aware that there is no office called 'Sheriff of Indiana,'" said Ellsworth. "When you're in law enforcement for 24 of 51 years, it's kind of a hard thing to turn off in only three years."

Ellsworth went on to systematically explain that when you call 911, you are looking for help from a law enforcement professional rather than a politician, "We don't ask the person on the other side of that line if they are a Republican or a Democrat. We don't ask if they are black or white or gay or straight. We don't know if the situation is safe or dangerous. Sometimes we have to work in the heat or direct traffic in the rain. Sometimes it's a 24 hour shift. You just get the job done."

He said he wants to bring those same ideals down the hall from the U.S. House to the U.S. Senate. It was a great response to the conservatives on the right that are trying to make this campaign choice into an issue.

They are attacking Brad Ellsworth’s campaign tactics for trying to position himself as a Sheriff running for Senate instead of a U.S. Representative running for Senate. Do they really want to fight this fight and risk exposing more of what Dan Coats has been since he's left the Senate since 1999?

Ellsworth hit Coats hard in his speech on his seemingly inconsistent positions on issues the former Senator lobbied for when he was a big time lobbyist in Washington. Issues like the stimulus plan and health care which Coats lobbied for but is now against. Also, Coats' state of residence in the last few years was attacked by Ellsworth. While Ellsworth has been a lifelong Hoosier, Coats has famously lived out-of-state the last few years.

I just wonder why the right wing blogs continue to push this stupid and shortsighted load of elephant manure. I mean, who would you vote for, a lobbyist or a public servant? I'll take the lawman any day.

By the way, here is Ellsworth's state convention introduction video. It's the same video he's used on his website the past few months, but I do think it is effective.

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