Thursday, June 17, 2010

Abdul May Be Making Stuff Up Again II

By Jon E. Easter

He praised me on his blog earlier this week, but I have to call Abdul out again on an inaccuracy on his blog. I would hope he'd try to keep me honest too.

On Wednesday, Abdul reported the following in this post:
Are Democrats Getting Stonewalled?
There is a growing rift between State party Democrats and LGBT Democrats. Reliable sources tell me that House candidates who are sympathetic to gay rights have been “advised” by the director of House races to keep their distance from gay-friendly events like last weekend’s Indy Pride festival.

Gay Democrats are reportedly upset lawmakers like U.S. Senate candidate Brad Ellsworth and State Representative candidate Brett Voorhies and legislator Ed Delaney stayed away and Rep John Barnes didn’t walk the parade this year. The Marion County Democratic party did not by (sic) booth space at the event and instead tried to piggy back on the Stonewall Democrats efforts. Stonewall Dems donated about $10,000 in the past to Democratic candidates, but that support might not be there in the future if state Democrats don’t start giving back.

Now, I'm working on tracking down the veracity of the first part of that in regards to the Indiana Democratic Party's relationship with the Stonewall Democrats. Look for that coming up in a future blog post. I will say that, in my early tree shaking, it looks there appears to be a kernel of truth in that assessment of the situation between the groups. More research is needed before I can confirm or dismiss the entire assessment of the situation.

However, the part about the Marion County Democratic Party appears to be just flat out wrong. The Stonewall Democrats put out a statement in rebuttal to the claim on Abdul's blog.

There have been some recent comments in the blogosphere about Stonewall and the Marion County Democratic Party sharing booth space at Pride this year. It would appear some are trying to paint division between Stonewall and the MCDP by using our shared booth space as evidence that MCDP isn't as supportive of the LGBT community as it should be.

We would like to set the record straight, so to speak, about the booth arrangements this year at Pride. Indiana Stonewall Democrats invited the Marion County Democratic Party and all Hoosier Democrats running for office to share our booth space. MCDP paid their fair share of the double-size booth space we were sharing and a good number of our Democratic friends were present throughout the day.

We are proud we were able to share our space with the Marion County Democratic Party. Any Democrat or Democratic organization that wishes to share booth space with us has an open invitation. Stonewall is the representative organization for LGBT Democrats and we believe in displaying that association at every opportunity.


Kevin F. said...

Its amazing the spin Abdul tries to put on this in order to detract from the fact that nary a Republican was seen within miles of the festival. Even the Libertarians and the Green Party were well represented.

As a side note, every Republican on city council (with the exception of homophobe Ginny Cain and Bob Cockrum whom I had no contact info for) was asked to participate in the parade.

Mayor Ballard's office was also contacted but didn't even have the courtesy to reply one way or the other.

Log Cabin Republicans weren't even represented this year. Yet there were 55,0000 potential voters to reach out to.

Indy Student said...


Are you sure a Log Cabin chapter exists in the state? I'm getting conflicting evidence using my Google-Fu.

The official site for the national organization doesn't list an Indiana chapter (

The Georgia chapter lists this in their directory. The phone number seems to have been copy/pasted over the e-mail:


* Log Cabin Indiana
PO Box 2921
Indianapolis, IN 46206
E-Mail: 75212.2021 @

Indy Student said...

I must've not looked at the home page thoroughly. They do indeed have an Indiana chapter. Here it is:


Indiana Caucus
Zachary Tate, Organizer

Anonymous said...

Staff members for Brad Ellsworth were at the Pride Festival. I know that is not the same as the candidate but he reportedly had an appearance in Columbus. Ellsworth needs to have some conversations with the LGBT community.