Monday, May 17, 2010

Water Deal Drama II

1.) Will all Democrats vote as a block against the proposal? No. Councillors Jackie Nytes and Mary Moriarty Adams broke ranks and voted with the Republicans.
2.) Will all Republicans vote as a block for the proposal? Yes. No independent thinkers in the Republican caucus.
3.) Will Ryan Vaughn recuse himself from the vote? No, of course not.
4.) Will Councillor Ed Coleman, Libertarian, play a key role in how this proposal passes or does not pass? Nope. He voted with the R's on 131 but the D's on 132.

Incidentally, the two proposals allowing the water deal to move on passed 17-12 and 18-11.


Anonymous said...

Many of us have known for some time that Adams is not really a democrat but what was Nytes thinking? Why did she do this?

Anonymous said...

Nytes does business with the city with her printing company...she has become Ballard's favorite, this is a bad deal and a very bad vote

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest tax increase in the history of the City and Jackie and Mary are supporting it for a Republican Mayor? Sorry, it is time to take these two out next year in slating. The D's need to work as a team to move this City forward. This ridiculous deal's only accomplishment will be to grease the hands of Bob Grand, Murray Clark, Ryan Vaugh and Steve Goldsmith. It needs to be stopped. Grand et al are raping taxpayers in Carl Brizzi fashion.

Anonymous said...

The answere to anonymous 5:15: Jackie never saw a tax increase she did not like.

Pride And Purpose said...

Check out the Campaign Contribution Statements of those for it.

I'll put money on them receiving money from the company.

The same thing's happening in Richmond, CA.