Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Souder to Resign

By Christopher Jackson

Representative Mark Souder (Hypocrite-IN) has been reported to resign later today, as first reported by Fox News early this morning. the resignation comes as a response to an affair that Souder was having with a staffer that would have placed him in front of the House Ethics committee. As a 'family values' Representative, this just demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Republican Party establishment for the 248,317th time in 2010. I can't wait to see how the IN GOP tries to respond to this and say it's not a big deal.

The three big questions that I am trying to figure out answers to are: 1) Will charges be pursued since it was bad enough to land him in hot water with the Ethics Committee, 2) How will a successor be chosen, and if that is by Special Election, when would that occur, and 3) How will this affect the ballot because he won his contested primary early his month?

1 comment:

I know said...

The IN Republican Party has bigger problems to cover up or contend with than an extra marital affair by Congressman Souder.

He has admitted being a sinner. That is far different than being a criminal as are several officials that have robbed the cupboards bare. They know who the are and they have committed far greater crimes than the gang of concrete price fixers that all got years and years in prison.

From Judges to Prosecutors to Legislators and huge contributors they all know who they are.

Some of you need to resign as well. Indiana would begin to heal from the oozing gaping wounds it has now!