Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Primary Impressions

Not Month of May for Carlos
While Andre Carson led the ticket for the Democratic slate in Marion County, the Republican slate went down in flames for 7th District Congress. Somehow, Republicans decided they wanted multiple loser Marvin Scott over the young, energetic, and intelligent Carlos May. As fellow blogger Chris Worden said on his Facebook page, don't wait until November, call this one now...for Carson.

5th District Craziness
Indiana's 5th District presented drama for incumbent Dan Burton who, at press time, has only attracted 29 percent of the vote. On the Democratic side, Nasser Hanna was widely expected to win, but opponent, the ultra-conservative "American Realist Democrat" Tim Crawford prevailed. I'm not gonna lie, Tim Crawford makes Brad Ellsworth look like a Kennedy. He's a little scary. It's a big tent, this Democratic Party.

It's Good to Be The Slate
The Marion County Democratic Party continues to run circles around its opponents on the other side when it comes to pushing the slate and getting its candidates elected. Love him or hate him, Ed Treacy knows how to turn out his voters and organize his party. Being a party chair is tough, but when it's the Democratic Party Chair in Marion County, it's amazingly tough. Treacy's record is pretty good in primaries. John Layton, Terry Curry, Mary Ann Sullivan, Frank Short, Andre Carson, Paul Tuttle, etc., etc. all advance. Wayne Small Claims Judge Maxine King holds off the slated Chuck Gaddy. That's one of the only spots the slate didn't carry.

It even extended down to the Precinct Committeeperson races. The wide majority of MCDP PCs that were challenged by Brian Williams and others in this primary for PC-ships prevailed.

One bright spot for the Republican slate was the win by Dennis Fishburn over Bart "Criminals will sleep in my office" McAtee.

4th District Belongs to Rokita, Sanders

Todd Rokita easily dusted the rest of his opposition in the 4th Congressional District to claim the Republican nomination. His opponent will be David Sanders, a credible candidate who takes a third shot at Congress...this time against Rokita.

The polls don't show it so far but...
Once people get to know Brad Ellsworth, they will latch on to his message over Republican Dan Coats. Coats ran a fine race, but he received far below 50 percent. Ellsworth now has an upper hand over Coats with more money and the chance to position himself as a CONSERVATIVE. Yes, I know he voted for health care reform, but he will be hard to portray as a liberal. I guess, though, we'll see what happens. Should Richard Lugar retire for 2012, look for Marlin Stutzman to emerge as the Republican front runner.

Sodrel Socked in the 9th
Mike are the weakest link...GOODBYE. The political career of Mike Sodrel likely came to a crashing end tonight as the young and energetic Todd Young claimed victory over Sodrel and the surprising Travis Hankins. Look for an extremely good battle between Baron Hill and Todd Young in the fall.

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