Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looks Like Specter Ghostbusted in Pennsylvania

By Jon E. Easter

Senator Arlen Specter's long, nearly 30-year, Senate career appears to be over tonight. The Republican-turned-Democrat's supporters are telling NBC News tonight that they do not believe that Specter can overcome the early lead for Rep. and retired Rear Admiral Joe Sestak, and NBC News is calling the race for Sestak.

Specter is 80 years old and was successfully portrayed by Rep. Sestak as an opportunist for changing his party from Republican to Democrat, someone who would do anything to hold on to power. He was known almost more for his curmudgeonly ways than his accomplishments in office. He also bravely worked through his cancer treatments in 2005 which drew the support from almost everyone. Quietly, Specter is already blaming President Obama for abandoning him, but I think that Obama saw the writing on the wall.

In other races, it looks like Rand Paul has triumphed for the Tea Party in Kentucky, and that Blanche Lincoln is out to an early lead in Arkansas. She needs to get to 50 percent to avoid a runoff with Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter.

In the Special Election to fill the seat of the late Jack Murtha, former staffer Mark Critz takes the old boss's seat in a critical hold for the Democrats. It's a big win for Pennsylvania Dems.

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