Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look Deeply Into My Results...

While the election results at the Congressional, state, and county levels all rightly drew lots of attention, there were several very interesting results buried deep in Tuesday's numbers on the Democratic side of the ticket.

It was not a good day for candidates challenging the slate. Not only were Daniel Flack and Greg Bowes rejected by the voters for Washington Township Trustee and Prosecutor, respectively, both lost Precinct Committeeperson races. Bowes was dispatched by Peggy Simmons, and Flack was beaten by former candidate for State Representative Leona Glazebrooks.

If King Ro Conley decides to run again for City-County Council At Large, he may want to look at the results of his PC race and determine the work he needs to do. King Ro lost his bid for the PC-ship in 27-003 to Valerie Hodgens.

Former Indiana Health Commissioner and candidate for 7th District Congress, Woody Myers, was also defeated in his bid to become the Precinct Committeeman in 11-002. Myers lost in a close race to Sandy Bickel.

There was one tie in the PC battle. In Wayne 49, Kenielle Williams and Joseph Zahnd each drew 11 votes. I tried to look up the procedures on a tie election, but I couldn’t find any.

Incidentally, I lost my bid to become a state delegate in Decatur Township. There were several of us vying for four seats. I finished sixth. Oh bother!

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