Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Memorial Day

By Jon E. Easter

My father was a teacher during the Vietnam era, and two of his students are immortalized on the Vietnam Wall. One of the most touching moments of my life was watching him find those two students' names on the wall and spend a quiet moment there with them.

It's Memorial Day. Let's remember those that have made that ultimate sacrifice, and let's hope there's a day that no one will have to give their lives in battle.

Few modern songs, in my view, do as good a job of expressing what it means to be an American soldier as much as this song by Toby Keith does. "American Soldier" tells the story of so many of our fighting men and women. They count up the cost and "know the sacrifice."


guy77money said...

My dad is still alive and playing golf at 88. He served in WW2 and he goes every Memorial Day to help the Vets place flags in the cemetery. If only more of our generation had the same sense of country, family and duty to our nation as the WW2 vets things would be so much better in this country! Thanks for the videos and the post!

arndt said...

This is a great song and video. Even coming from a different country, culture and background I can understand this unity of the country when it comes to the Armed Forces...I wish Germans would have this a bit more, since their soldiers are now engaged in Afghanistan as well.