Sunday, May 16, 2010

Indiana Stonewalls Walk Out of JJ Dinner Over Bayh "Joke"

Senator Evan Bayh told a joke at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner that sent the Indiana Stonewall Democrats contingent to the door in protest. This according to blogger Bil Browning.

I did not attend the dinner, but, apparently Bayh was relating a story to the $125/plate crowd at the fundraiser about walking through the airport. He said a person approached him and asked him a question, "Do you have AIDS?"

Upon further clarification, the question should have been understood as, "Do you have aides?" The person approaching the Senator had a letter for him. See the video and after-dinner reaction from Bayh here at Bil's blog, the Bilerco Project.

Listen, I'm the last person to be considered a dyed-in-the-wool supporter of Evan Bayh, but he has been pretty good on LGBT and HIV issues over the years despite being pretty conservative otherwise. That doesn't excuse his joke, but I really don't think he intended it to offend anyone. He apologized about it, and he looks sincere in Bil's let's move on.

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