Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In My Inbox: Williams Releases Statement on Primary, Precinct Races

After seeing many of the individuals his campaign filed for precinct committeeperson go down in defeat, mayoral candidate Brian Williams released a statement today that sounded fairly conciliatory.

Here is the release:
Primary Election Shows Party Strength

Yesterday 376 men and women of Indianapolis stood for election for the first time as precinct committee men and women. Collectively they represent the vibrant nature of the Democratic Party in Marion County.

The success of Marion County Democratic candidates Andre Carson, Terry Curry, John Layton, Joe O’Connor, Billie Breaux and Beth White in November 2010 will be built upon these men and women. Today, our challenge as Democrats is to engage those men and women who were not elected to remain involved and to recruit more men and women to promote Democratic candidates in the 213 precincts in Marion County that do not have an elected Democratic precinct committee person.

“It is incumbent upon us as Democrats to welcome those who were elected precinct committee persons and those who were not to join us as Democrats to build a city that works for all of us. I will continue to do my part to bring new people to the Democratic cause in Marion County,” stated Brian Williams.

As a good friend of mine pointed out, Williams did get through several of his PCs as unchallenged candidates. He will still have a contingent for slating in February 2011.

Williams also was seen shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries with Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy at the IBEW Hall last night during the Primary Election Celebration.

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