Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Have Returned, But You May Hope I Go Away

By Jon E. Easter

I’m going to say something that might draw the ire of my Democratic friends. Tim Crawford won an election, and he should stay in the race. I am on three antibiotics, so it might be the medicine talking. Hear me out.

Tim Crawford may be an ex-Republican. Tim Crawford may be somewhat anti-Obama. Tim Crawford may have benefitted from being named Tim Crawford and not Nasser Hanna. Tim Crawford may be more conservative than even Dan Burton, but let’s face facts. The 5th District elected him.

True Democrats did not work hard enough for Nasser Hanna, so you got what you got.

So, lay off his case. Stop telling him to resign. It’s not his fault he won. If you didn't go to the polls and vote for Nasser Hanna, it’s your fault he won, 5th District Democrats. Maybe everybody saw it as a foregone conclusion, but the toothpaste is out of the tube now. There’s no going back.

From all accounts, Tim Crawford may be a disaster on the campaign trail, but, 5th District, he’s your guy now. You can’t rewrite history. Nope. Won’t happen. So, don’t ask me for sympathy or to support your cause to get Mr. Crawford off the ballot.

You had a chance to elect Nasser Hanna, and you elected Tim Crawford as your nominee. Deal with it.


Marycatherine Barton said...

The electoral process is what it is. Get well, Jon.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Jon!
It would seem that the Hamilton County Democrats want to rip a page from the Evan Bayh playbook. That is, hand pick the 5th district candidate to run against Burton this November. No matter the reasons or their justifications, bullying Crawford out of the race is absolutely the wrong thing to do.
As a Fishers Dem, I am totally disappointed/disgusted with the leadership of my Party.

iPOPA said...


I almost never say something that can be construed as "personal," but I'm going to here.

I'm sorry, but if you watch this video...

...and the two others, and you think this guy is worthy of running as a Democrat, then please return Republican. Not only is he unable to state a single thing he agrees with Democrats on, except for "states rights," which they historically haven't, he doesn't utter an intelligible thought during this entire discussion except for talking points he got from a Tea Party rally. Not only is he not even remotely a Democrat, he'd be a stretch on the qualifications for county auditor. He sure isn't ready to be in Congress, and if you think he is, then please do me a favor and turn Republican. What party leaders do is try to avoid catastrophe, not embrace it. I'd rather have one county chair who has the faintest idea what a Democrat is decide than thousands of people who vote without knowing anything about the candidate except that his name sounds more American than the other guy's. Seriously, as a "Democrat," tell me what about Crawford appeals to you.

iPOPA said...

I forgot to ask, Fisher "Democrat," why can't people exercise their constitutional right to free speech to demand this guy's resignation to save the party from disaster? Because he was elected? Well, you know who else was elected down here in Marion County? Carl Brizzi. And I've been calling for his resignation for the last six months. My point is that things can come to light that can change how people perceive a seemingly legitimate result, and in this case it's the fact Tim Crawford ISN'T A DEMOCRAT.

Anonymous said...

I would think that Tim Crawford is a Democrat by virtue of the fact that HE has identified himself as a Democrat. However, do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Is there any legal impediment that should disqualify him from identifing and/or running as a Democrat?

Which isn't to say that Tim Crawford doesn't appear to be an unprepared dimwit, as is evident from the video; however, that fact isn't relevant to the issue that concerned me.

That issue: should the HCD leadership committee be engaged in an effort to subvert the election results? I don't think so, and I find the attempt less than worthy of their efforts.

Honestly, these folks dropped the ball while it was still in play and are now maneuvering for a do-over... what kind of leadership is that?


Anonymous said...

Seriously, you want to compare Tim Crawford with Carl Brizzi?

Now I'm the one wondering: Did you watch the video, Mr. Worden?