Friday, May 28, 2010

Hamilton County Democratic Women Post Video of Crawford Meeting

By Jon E. Easter

Here is the video of Tim Crawford's visit with the Hamilton County Democratic Women last Saturday morning. To say it went poorly would be an understatement. This is the genesis of the "Resign Crawford" movement.

There are five parts...each is about 10 minutes. My commentary follows.

I don't want to seem like I'm defending Tim Crawford, but I've run a bunch of meetings. When people start jumping on your speaker, it's the job of the meeting chair to jump in and restore order. I have found myself doing this before. I always think that a speaker is giving his or her time for your club or organization. It's your job as meeting chair to make sure they are treated fairly. I don't feel as if Tim Crawford got a fair shake. That's my opinion. Things got far too personal. Things got, frankly, out of hand.

That said, Tim Crawford clearly is not ready to go to Congress. He has little understanding of the most basic issues important to Democrats. He was not prepared. He did not come across very well at all.

I will still say that 5th District Democrats brought this on themselves. Nasser Hanna was the better, more qualified, and more polished candidate. He was ready to serve from day one. Crawford is not. As the video confirms, primary elections and turning out the vote DO have consequences. Lack of voter education DOES have consequences. The 5th District Democratic organization seems to have failed in this regard. It forgot to educate voters that there's more to a candidate than just a name. That's how Dr. Nasser Hanna can lose to a guy like Tim Crawford.

Before we blame Hanna's loss entirely on name warfare, I have a short story for you. Tonight, while attending a Democratic meeting in the 5th District, I saw about 25-30 Nasser Hanna signs leaning neatly against a wall in the meeting room. The wires were not rusty, and it looked like they had not touched the ground at all...and we wonder why he lost?

Somebody needs to take responsibility for this. Who gets it? Dr. Hanna? The Democratic organization in the 5th District? Someone else?

You may be disappointed, but don't blame Tim Crawford. All he did was put his name on the ballot and get elected. Bob Kern, Pierre Quincy Pullins, Hippie Joe Stockett and others do it too.

Did you know that after his unsuccessful run against Andre Carson in the 7th District that Bob Kern was Brad Ellsworth's competition for the junior Indiana Senate seat? In terms of his upset victory over a party-backed candidate with a foreign-sounding name, Tim Crawford is 2010's Bob Kern. He won't slip by next time. I just find it interesting that Kern's Republican opponent was Dan Burton. This has happened before in this district. See a pattern?


iPOPA said...

I'm not absolving the 5th District Democratic leadership, but you can: (1) say they screwed the pooch; and (2) call for Crawford to step aside because he's not a Democrat and not ready to serve in Congress. These are not independent notions is all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Democrats will not win against Dan Burton (Who is very vulnerable and supports nothing these women talk about) in Carmel/Hamilton county if they cant rally behind their canadite.

Burton won less than 45% of Republicans in the primary.

Evan Bayh won over John Mutz for Governor by being a better Republican on the campaign trail. Crawford will not win if he sings the same old song on everything that has been defeated before.

This is a seat that Democrats have a real chance in winning.

If they don't screw it up.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I have just watched the first 10 minuts. No, Crawford is not impressive or knowledgeable about issues. But neither are the two audience members who spoke in the first segment aren't exactly impressive either.

The first, a supposed IU professor, talks about Indiana's history of racism, an obvious reference to the Klan, and chides Crawford on not knowing this history. Actually Indiana's Klan during the 1920s was primarily anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant. It was not focused on racial issues nearly as much as the southern versions of the Klan.

And for the second speaker about the abortion issue, she claims the current legal status of abortion has widespread public support and claims it's all about "women's health. Well medical science has pretty much proven there is another life involved in the abortion decision. That aside, I'm not sure what she's talking about. At best the country is split 50-50 and when you ask people about abortion on demand, which is basically Roe v. Wade and its progeny, your talking about even less support.

Anonymous said...

Ummm Paul, you might want to read about the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith. It took place in Marion, Indiana in 1930. A photo of the lynched men and the angry mob was sold to people all over the nation.

The song "Strange Fruit" sang by Billy Holiday was about that photograph.

They may have been anti-Catholic but they were also racist murderers, as well.