Friday, May 21, 2010

Daniels Shoots Off Mouth...AGAIN

By Jon E. Easter

"It's easy to sit in the affluence of Bloomington or maybe Indianapolis and say, 'I got mine.'"

That was Governor Mitch Daniels' response to those individuals that are questioning his announcement to fast track the expansion of I-69.

The Governor of Indiana is trying to make these grassroots protesters into rich and elite. Well, I happen to know a few of the anti-I-69 crowd, and Governor Daniels, none of the ones I know are rich or elite.

Daniels could spend close to $300 million more than he tells us he's going to spend on the I-69 project. His advertised cost is $700 million, but cost overruns could push the amount to $989 million, according to the Indianapolis Star. Why would people want to question him?

Mitch Daniels was never held accountable for calling his General Assembly opponents, "car bombers," early in his term. He shot off his mouth after the voter ID bill was overturned by the Indiana Court of Appeals. About a year ago, Daniels encouraged skirting the federal rules for the construction of I-69 to keep cost down, "Throw away the rule book to the extent the feds will let you do it."

Now that he's a lame duck, I guess the Governor thinks he can say anything. Maybe he can, but he's dead wrong when it comes to opponents of I-69 and the folks watchdog-ing state government. He needs to be given a reality check on these folks.


Anonymous said...

Why should we ever question the little general's math?

His $50 to $60 billion estimate for the war in Iraq has only cost us $1 TRILLION so far...

Lori said...

I have often pondered the potential for prosperity attached to highway projects. When I get off I-65 on my way back and forth to Chicago, "prosperity" is certainly not the first word that comes to my mind. More fastfood and gas station jobs are not my idea of economic development.