Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crawford Rumored to Be Pulling Out of Race for Congress in the 5th District

By Jon E. Easter

OK, just like the Akula submarine in Crimson Tide, I'm getting off a blog post before I go down on hiatus. Let's hear it for obscure submarine movie references.

Anyway, the Cinderella campaign of "Democrat" Tim Crawford appears to be over. Crawford was the upset winner by a wide margin over Nasser Hanna in the battle for the 5th Congressional District Dem nomination. Crawford was to face Republican Dan Burton in the fall.

I have two independent sources on this story. One tells me that Crawford himself announced his departure from the race while meeting with the Hamilton County Women's Group and that it is on tape. The other source is Chris Worden's IPOPA blog.

This is yet another Congressional ballot opening for one of the major parties. District 3 is open right now for the GOP, and District 5 appears to be opening for the Democrats. By Indiana Code, this will create the need for a caucus of PC's in the 5th called by Indiana Democratic Party Chair Dan Parker which will happen within 30 days of the ballot vacancy. Interested candidates will file with the state party.

This may give Nasser Hanna a chance to run for the seat after all. Then again, any Democrat can run for the seat. Also, there is no residency requirement other than to be a citizen of Indiana. Past candidates like Katherine Fox Carr could conceivably make another run. That's total speculation, by the way. I'm sure this will be a story to watch over the next few days.

It is pretty head scratching as to why Crawford would choose to leave the race. Perhaps he received pressure to drop out from someone?

Incidentally, I e-mailed Crawford a few days after the primary, and I invited him to do a guest post explaining why Democrats should be enthused about supporting him given his views. He did not respond.

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