Monday, May 10, 2010

Breaking News: Obama May Nominate Solicitor General Elena Kagan to Supreme Court

The New York Times is reporting that President Barack Obama has apparently settled on Elena Kagan as his nominee for the Supreme Court seat being vacated by John Paul Stevens. Kagan serves as Obama's Solicitor General, essentially the country's Supreme Court lawyer.

The New York City native is a former Dean of the Havard School of Law and has an extensive academic background. She clerked under former Justice Thurgood Marshall but has no bench experience as a jurist. If confirmed, she would reportedly be the first justice in 40 years to lack judicial experience. She is also just 50 years old which is very young for an Associate Justice.

I need to read up on her before I make comment. Obama struck gold with Sonia Sotomayor who was impressively qualified and ready to serve on the court. At first blush, her credentials seem to be in order, and she seems to hold some progressive views. She is somewhat of an unknown commodity when it comes to how she will rule, so, if she is Obama's nominee, it will be interesting to watch these confirmation hearings. Let the fun begin!!

At 10:00 a.m. this morning, Obama made it official and announced Kagan as his nominee.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

"Is Elena Kagan the Best Legal Mind in the United States for the Supreme Court Bench?" asks Jill Simpson. The answer is a resounding NO, re this friend of the president, as was Harriet Meier to President Bush. The fact that she was the attorney for Goldman Sachs, President Obama's principal campaign contributor to the tune of a million bucks, is troubling, what with all that we know about it, just from the recent Congressional investigations of it.

"Why the Senate must vote no on nomination of Elena Kagan as Supreme Court Associate Judge" by Wayne Madsen, found at his report on line, reveals that as Solicitor General, she refused to review political prosecutions conducted by the Bush Justice Department of several prominent Democratic political leaders around the US, "thus giving a wink and a nod to policies crafted by Karl Rove and political appointees in John Ashcroft's, Alberto Gonzales's and Michael Mukasey's Justice Department administrations." A neolib is as bad for the future of the people of our country, as is a neocon.

Madsen writes: "Barack Obama has, once again, thumbed his nose at the progressive wing of his party and the U.S. Constitution. Obama's nomination of Kagan, who has never even served as a judge, not even on a traffic court, to the nation's highest court, bears testimony to the president's lack of political stamina. It is quite clear that the Kagan nomination was actually that of White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel."