Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ballard Releases List of Just 33 Infrastructure Projects Targeted for Improvement in Water Deal

Thirty-three projects in a metropolitan area of two million. That's what Mayor Ballard is allegedly potentially targeting for infrastructure improvement with money he says comes from the water utility transfer to Citizens Energy Group.

Before we go on, I'm not doubting one of the 33 projects. I guess I just expected more from the $425 million. I thought it might go farther in a city with many lane miles of road.

This biggest project is a $3.8 million resurfacing of 82nd Street from Allisonville Rd. to I-69. Also benefiting is 10th Street with six projects alone scheduled for that stretch of road. Here is a full list from the city's website.

Apparently, we are getting just 33 infrastructure projects...one Microsoft Excel page...out of this transfer. The proposals (131 and 132) containing the transfer were sent to the full Council by the Rules and Public Policy Committee today on a party line vote with a "Do Pass" recommendation.

Incidentally, Decatur Township, the home of the Southside Landfill, the IPL Harding Street Plant, the largest TIF District in the state, and no tax dollars from airport land north of Kentucky Ave, gets nothing from the infrastructure plan. This despite the representation of former City-County Council President Bob Cockrum and a hefty number of votes in 2007 towards the election Mayor Ballard.

If you think Decatur roads don't need repair, remember this story:

After his abysmal performance at two Mayors Night Out events in Decatur Township, it's clear that Mayor Ballard knows little about the needs of the smallest but, in many ways, the loudest township in Marion County. The residents that live along Cox Road deserve new pavement.

To be fair, the plan also includes a plan to demolish abandoned and unsafe structures. Here is a map of those structures. From the looks of things, there are five projects in Decatur Township.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

You are a wonderful spokesperson regarding the needs of the people who live in Decatur Township, as well as elsewhere, of course, Jon. Many are arguing that the infrastructure of our country is being deliberately ignored, while our taxes/fee, and essential costs of living are going up, wages kept stagnant, and jobs cut, in the interests of globalist banksters, who want our economy to collapse. It is about their view of a new world order, and ouf loss of sovereignty as American citizens, guaranteed by the Constitution.