Saturday, May 15, 2010

And Coats, Sink-Burris Have a Challenger...Brad Ellsworth

Well, it's official. Republican Dan Coats and Libertarian Rebecca Sink-Burris will meet Democrat Brad Ellsworth in November in the battle for Indiana's Junior Senate seat. No word on the vote total yet, but the State Democratic Central Committee voted to place Ellsworth on the ballot for November. This, of course, was necessitated by Evan Bayh's late announcement that he would not run and the failure of Bloomington's Tamara D'Ippolito to get anywhere in the neighborhood of enough signatures to get on the ballot.

There was some talk that the vote may or may not be unanimous. The Indiana Stonewall Democrats (of which I'm a member, full disclosure), who have a seat on the Central Committee, had held how they would vote close to the vest over concerns of Ellsworth's abysmal record on issues important to LGBT voters.

Congratulations to Congressman Ellsworth on this nomination. On to victory in November!

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Jerame said...

Hey, Jon - the vote was 28 - 0 with one abstention. Indiana Stonewall Democrats abstained from today's vote. Here is our press statement on the matter:

Thanks for reporting on our concerns!