Thursday, May 13, 2010

Advance Indiana Attacks...Wait...That Could Describe Most Posts There

Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana is out attacking Democrats running for township trustee offices in Marion County. After rightly ringing up David King Baird for his troubles, Welsh took it one step only Gary can.

After his analysis of Baird which can be read here. Welsh writes:
"Baird is seeking re-election, along with a number of other crooks the Democrats nominated in the various townships to run for trustee this year."

Appearances aside, it's one thing to report allegations. It's another thing to call somebody a crook and then lump in a nebulous "number" of Democrats into the same statement. So, I decided to post a comment. Here's what I said:

"Alexis I. Skriloff James is no crook, sir. She's running for Decatur Township Trustee.

Please also list who the other "crooks" the Democrats nominated for Trustee are and why you believe they are "crooks". I'm sure Jeff Bennett, Russell Brown, Lula Patton, Gene Akers, and Frank Short would like to know what makes them "crooks." specific on each one, Gary."

And, Mr. Welsh responded:
"Russ Brown is not a crook. You claim on your blog that you are objective. Why is it that it only attack Republicans and not Democrats? You never seem to see the bad in your own party. Sorry to see you finished near the bottom in your race for state convention delegate. Don't feel bad. Ryan Vaughn got slaughtered in a convention delegate race two years ago."

If you've followed the comments, you'd think that Welsh shut me up. Nope. I submitted a follow-up to his comment. Like this blog, he can post comments at his discretion. He chose not to post my response. Luckily, I have a blog of my own. My response that was submitted and not published.

I don't claim to be "independent"...the blog is called Indy Democrat.

I finished sixth in a battle for four seats. I was behind people that were all friends of mine. I did no campaigning. I know you know who Pat Andrews is, a former Decatur School Board member and well-known neighborhood advocate. Paul Fox is the Democratic Township Coordinator here. Mike Cesnik is a former candidate for State Rep. (he ran for Senator-whoops). Mary Hall is a popular teacher at Decatur Central. Joyce Fitzpatrick, the South Ward Chair in Decatur, is a former candidate for office here.

I would expect you to attack me personally rather than defend your positions. I only asked you to be specific and you could not...thus...I must believe you have no basis for what you say in this post. You certainly must have facts to back yourself up.

And, you clearly threw Russell Brown and others into the "crook" pot there.

Yes, I know I typed independent and not objective. So, I misquoted him. He misquoted me! I do think I'm more independent than some Democratic bloggers in town, but I'm not politically independent. I'm a partisan for sure. Regardless, I guess to the apparently math-challenged Welsh finishing sixth out of 13 candidates in a race for four delegate seats is getting "slaughtered."

I actually think that Welsh has a point about Baird. It just doesn't look good. Whether he did anything wrong or not, his actions don't pass the smell test. I agree with you on this Mr. Welsh. Still, I can't unilaterally lump everybody in like you did. That's metaphorically criminal.

Furthermore, search the records of other townships and you'll find that other trustees have family members on the payroll. Some are even Republican. That's a whole different RINK though. Whoops.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Advance Indiana has pleaded for the abolition of township government, because of all the corruption and waste that has been the pattern, due to both the Republicans and Democrats.

stAllio! said...

i learned long ago that it's a waste of time trying to post comments at AI. gary simply will not publish critical comments unless he thinks he can make the commenter look bad, because he can't stand being criticized.

and certainly, one should never, ever try to leave a comment there without saving a copy first.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I agree that Gary's comments about you were over the line. I think you are one of the more decent, objective bloggers out there. I appreciate the independence you often show.

Having said that, I'd hate to be in a position of having to defend the actions of trustees David King Baird and to a lesser degree Frank Short. It's sort of like the dilemna the Republicans have in having to defend the actions of Carl Brizzi.