Tuesday, May 25, 2010

36 Days and Counting (With Update)

By Christopher Jackson

Surfing the usual blogs and news sites today, I saw the best headline I've seen lately, "Obama to Aides: 'Plug the Damn Hole.'" This is the type of response that our President needs to be giving publicly. BP is conducting a half ass attempt to prevent this spill from getting worse than it already is (if it can even get any worse). It has been 36 days, with no end in sight. We need the government to step in and new, radical ideas to be presented.

Over at Daily Kos, the point is made:
So, here's the question: if no one knows how to stop such a disaster, why is anyone allowed to risk starting one, in the first place? If no one knows how to stop such a leak in such deep water, why is anyone allowed to drill there?
This question addresses the underlying issues of offshore drilling, but that is not the point of this post. A real discussion needs to occur about the most radical ideas that we have as options to solve the crisis, think Apollo 13.

Theres been talk about the government taking over the clean up operations from BP to attempt to solve this issue. That would be a good start. So to all the federal officials out there, DO IT! Its time to step up to the plate! Handling crises like this are what you are supposed to excel at, not allowing for a multinational corporation (MNC) to clean up a problem that they, themselves, created by cutting corners in the name of increasing profits. On top of this, I hope the Justice Department prosecutes the officials at BP for what they have done.

As for how to solve the spill, an idea I have thought about and then saw posted at FDL, albeit modified slightly, is to blow up the, excuse the French, damn well. As the author points out, why not use a bomb to blow up the well to seal it shut. The Christian Science Monitor article that the FDL links to, advocates the use of a nuclear bomb to do the job, as the Soviet Union did so in the past. Although I feel the nuclear-based part is not necessary, because we have conventional bunker buster bombs and others, this should seriously be explored as an option. BP has tried their funnel, their top hats, their milkshake straw, and now are back to trying another blow out preventer, after the fact that the first one didn't work. Everything should be on the table. I would rather have a very small pocket of radiation 5,000 feet underground and under the ocean, if the nuclear route were to be taken, than for more oil, now greater than the amount the Exxon Valdez spilled, to pour into the Gulf of Mexico, with no end in sight.

Please join me in boycotting BP and imploring the government to take true action to stop this continued destruction of our environment and to seek justice for BPs actions.

Update: Maybe President Obama should listen to his Nobel Prize winning, Secretary of Energy on the issue of offshore drilling.

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