Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Humor: Chickens for Checkups

Here's a somewhat humorous take on Nevada GOP Senatorial candidate's plan to reduce health care costs. It's quite fowl if you ask me. Ok...sorry for that one.

You can also send Lowden a message through this website set up by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

From the website:
Sue Lowden has an old-timey solution for a modern problem: Americans should barter with their doctors for health care with things like chickens and house painting. Do you need medical care? Write a letter to Sue Lowden with your ailment and what you're willing to trade, and we'll make sure she gets it. It’s just like the good old days!

You can then send Lowden a letter asking for her assistance to find a doctor who will provide treatment for any number of old time ailments from quinsy to lumbago to swamp fever in exchange for services or products like 10 chickens or pairs of overalls or three cow-calf pairs. It's good stuff.

Oh yeah...did I mention she's up 10 points over Harry Reid in the polls?

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