Friday, April 16, 2010

Massa Waits Week to Say He Doesn't Want Prosecutor's Job Unless Elected

On WIBC Wednesday, Republican candidate for Prosecutor Mark Massa was quoted as saying that he did not want to be named Marion County Prosecutor in the event that Carl Brizzi resigned.

While it seems unlikely Brizzi will resign, if something happens and a vacancy occurs, Massa told WIBC that he believes former Prosecutor Scott Newman or retired Judge Patricia Gifford would be good interim replacements for Brizzi until a new Prosecutor takes over in 2011.

My question for Mr. Massa would be why did it take him a week to come out and explain that he didn’t want the job now? Why did it take him a week to come up with a plan to nominate an interim Prosecutor? Wouldn’t you think he would have mentioned that in his original news conference?

Massa is backpedaling after people, including Brizzi himself, criticized his move and called it out for being political. He got caught...plain and simple, but it is head scratching that it took him this long to pivot and maneuver away from that original mistake.

Of course, it's pretty clear what the readers of this blog think. By an overwhelming majority, they believe Brizzi should resign. Pending any more embarrassments, I appears right now that he won't. Then again, who knows what tomorrow may bring! If a vacancy occurs, would anyone want to try to clean up this mess?

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Marycatherine Barton said...

Chances are, that Massa is not going to be elected, either.