Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Layton and McAtee on the Air

Well, it looks like the two pre-Primary election favorites are both up and on the airwaves.

On his Facebook Page, Colonel John Layton's campaign posted their first ad. It's a rather serious ad touting the Colonel's experience in the Marion County Sheriff's Department and how he's worked closely with current (and still wildly popular) Sheriff Frank Anderson.

Republican and IMPD Lieutenant Bart McAtee has a somewhat laughable ad posted on his website and on YouTube. Early in the ad, the tough-talking announcer implies that the Marion County Sheriff actually has something to do with stopping home invasions that are "are on the rise."

The truth is that the Marion County Sheriff has no patrol duties at all now. The Sheriff's main duties now are running the jail, maintaining the sex offenders' registry, delivering paperwork, transporting prisoners, City-County Building security, and many more important duties. The Marion County Sheriff's Department maintains and staffs the 911 call center. The sad truth is that IMPD is the main crime fighting force here in Marion County now.

Of course, Joe or Jane Voter probably doesn't know that. Layton's ad talks a bit about crime fighting, but it's really in laying out Layton's 36-year resume in the MCSD. No one can touch his background, and no one has served at the levels he has in the last eight years within the MCSD.

Besides Layton, the very very nice Mark Brown is running as a Democrat. He has been in IMPD or IPD for 20-plus years and is now a Sergeant. Dennis Fishburn, who is also an IMPD Sergeant, is the slated Republican candidate, but he has done very little in raising cash or interest thus far. He could carry the Republican choice to victory on May 4, but it's going to take a monumental effort for him to win over McAtee who has tremendous name recognition (his father is a former Sheriff).

So, why wasn't McAtee slated? In 2002, the McAtee family backed Frank Anderson over the Republican candidate Tom Schneider. I am sure that had something to do with the whole situation. In this short YouTube clip, he explains why he gave money to Anderson's campaign.

While the brown cars are no longer patrolling the streets, the brown uniforms have plenty to do, and it's still a crucial and critical office. The two most well-financed candidates are both running strong campaigns. I believe the Republican race will be closer than the Democratic Primary race, but it will likely be Layton vs. McAtee in November in what should be a very interesting one!

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