Thursday, April 1, 2010

House District 97, This Guy In the Creepy Looking Picture Wants to Represent You

If you live in Indiana House District 97, you are currently receiving excellent representation by one of the best in the Indiana House, Mary Ann Sullivan. That doesn't stop the upstart above from trying to unseat her.

GOP candidate Wes Robinson thinks that latching on to this "kill the bill" tea party vitriol will somehow carry him through. Frankly, this is a SCARY SCARY website with a scary scary URL ( that he has set up to try to raise cash off the issue.

Besides the absurdity of trying to make health care reform a state issue, Robinson clearly needs some schooling in the political staging department. I mean, this black and white picture was THE WRONG CHOICE to use in web banner. Combine that with the red scary looking banner, and you get a scary looking guy in a scary looking picture. It could be scary enough to frighten children.

Sullivan also has a Democratic opponent, Kristopher Owens, who is a work colleague of mine. I cannot tell you why Owens is running, honestly, when Mary Ann Sullivan is one of the most independent thinking legislators in the Indiana House. District 97 has no reason to look to anyone else other than the incumbent for innovative and excellent leadership. While we disagree on some issues, I can tell you that Mary Ann Sullivan is one of the people that should make you proud of what state government can do.


Jolie Mason said...

Can I just say. . . ? Wow, he is creepy. And I don't just say that as a democrat. That's creepy. LOL

Brian Jessen said...

Love the hate you guys are spilling... nothing else you can say about Wes except that he looks creepy? Nice...

Jon E. Easter said...

Perhaps you didn't read what I wrote, Brian. It goes a little deeper than me thinking the website picture is creepy. I don't hate anyone, and if it came across that I do, I apologize. That's not the point of this blog.

The point of this blog is political opinion and analysis. In my estimation, clinching to the leg of this tea party anti-health reform monster may come back to bite Mr. Robinson. That's all I'm saying.

And the political staging is just wrong! Your opponents typically use the black and white photo and red writing to make YOU look scary. When a candidate has that decision and decides to utilize this on his own campaign...well...that's just not smart politics. It's fair game. It doesn't make him a bad person, but politics is about staging and crafting a message, too.

I had heard about the site, and when I checked it out, I came to the same conclusion as others. It looks creepy and it's a bit disingenuous of Mr. Robinson to try to raise money off an issue that he has very little control over as a state legislator...IF he wins.

If he's going to come within hailing distance of Mary Ann Sullivan, he's going to have to do better than this...that's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Yep, there is something absolutely terriying about a male nurse who spends his time helping orphans in Burma. Pretty damn creepy.

Is that seriously all you can throw at the guy, his choice of coloring in a picture? Hmmmmm, sounds like someone has nothing of consequence to say concerning the policies of a valid candidate for the State House and has instead decided to hide behind "creepy". Nice.

Jon E. Easter said...

Again, if you actually read the post, you would see that there is more to the post. I salute Mr. Robinson for his work with orphans in Burma.

Again, as I previously stated, the post is about his decision to grab on to an issue that has very little to do with state government to raise cash.

If you're going to get into the pool of politics, then you are going to have to be open for what comes with it. That's occasional light criticism for your political decisions...which I believe this is.

What I say on this silly little blog won't likely hold up his application for man of the year. However, some of the things he says in the YouTube video on the site might keep him from getting my vote in that contest.

Wilson46201 said...

Wes isn't too sharp on policy either. He eagerly advocates for "tort reform" totally oblivious that here in Indiana 35 years ago Republican Governor "Doc" Otis Bowen got passed one of the strictest medical malpractice lawsuit restrictions in the USA. It seems Wes gets his knowledge of medical policy from Glen Beck and TeaPartiers, not from real-life Hoosier experience, history and laws!

Anonymous said...

I hope Wes gets his views known. This is a very moderate, well educated district and these tactics and tea party type crap won't sell in District 97. Mary Ann Sullivan is awesome.

Kristopher Owens said...

I'm not sure what Jon has at stake, as I believe he doesn't even live in 97. With that being said, "Owens is running" because I want to represent the people of district 97. I'm no policy wonk, but I think I have some good ideas. I am also running because being a part of the process is important to me.

I am also running because I know NOTHING about Mary Ann Sullivan. I tried to find out something about her personally or about where she stands on certain issues. Her website isn't even functional. I state the idea clearly on my website ( that to represent people I think you have to reach out to them. You have to know them, and visit wit them other than when you are looking for their vote. Additionally, I cannot name one significant piece of legislation that Sullivan has authored. Honoring people is important, but I'd like to see more for 22K+ per year.

I am also disappointed to see the mode of attack that so many "insiders" engage in when there is a threat to an incumbent. I'll save my stories for after the election, but if this is how Dems treat each other, then I'm not surprised by the state of our country.

I'd love to answer any questions anyone has, as long as they are not misrepresenting themselves and they have a genuine concern about improving their community. Which is what I'm interested in, and why I am running.

Kristopher Owens

Jon E. Easter said...

I don't know if Kris is directing the misrepresentation charge at me or others, but I feel it's worthy of comment.

First of all, I do not have any real stake in the House District 97 race. He is correct. I do not live in HD97. I live in HD91. But to insinuate that I shouldn't care about what happens in the race or to imply that only the people that live in HD97's opinions matter is, in my view, flat out wrong.

I have no real representation of my views in the House. Instead, I look at progressive representatives like John Barnes and Mary Ann Sullivan and Jeb Bardon to be the kinds of people I lean on to express my views to because they listen.

I first met Mary Ann Sullivan about three years ago, I guess. Since then, Mary Ann and I have had extensive conversations about education policy and other issues from human rights to gun control to tax policy. So, even though I do not live in that district, I believe that Mary Ann is representing folks like me well in the House. Because, while HD97 elects her, I find that she represents the views of good Democrats there. That doesn't mean we don't disagree, but what I respect about Mary Ann is that she is independent thinking. She doesn't vote blindly with the caucus, and I have criticized her before for some of those votes here.

Kris, I know you are an excellent teacher. I know you reach your students, and I celebrate an honor your work there. I just cannot see supporting your efforts against Mary Ann because it seems like, on many of the issues, you agree with her. Why would I advocate a change when I cannot see too much disagreement between you two?

If you were lumping me in with the "insiders", it's not the first time. Some would agree, but many would not. My reputation and this blog's reputation precede me.

I just thought that all bore a public explanation, and I have sent you a private message as well.

I will say, in the interest of full disclosure, that I have written a $25 contribution to Mary Ann Sullivan and that I will be co-hosting a fundraiser along with several other Democrats and the Indiana Stonewall Democrats which part of the donations will benefit Mary Ann Sullivan. All that said, I would not support a candidate with my pocketbook that I do not support.

I really do wish you the best Kris, and, if you win in May, count on me supporting your campaign in whatever way is possible through November and beyond. After a primary, it's important to come together and move forward.

Steph Mineart said...

Wait - Owens says he's running because he knows nothing about Mary Ann? You kidding, right? Do walk outside your door, like EVER? Mary Ann has come to visit my house 3 times, talked to me on the phone, I talked to her family members on the phone, and she's been a 4 events that I attended in the last year. And I'm not even political - at all. The women is just out and about doing her work for her people. I know more about her political stands than any other person I've ever voted for. She's just fantastic.

Kevin Fyffe said...

How can you know NOTHING about Mary Ann? I get constant email updates from her on EVERY issue that goes through the house, how she voted on it and WHY. I'm sure you're a nice guy and all but how can you live in her district and say you know NOTHING about her?

Marti said...

The rhetoric just seems odd, given that the district she's in isn't extremely red. This would probably work in more red districts, but this just seems extreme given the political geography of the district. The Republican they had in the office was Jon Elrod and he's barely a Republican in ideology. From a strategic standpoint, it's just dumb.

@Brain, apparently you can't read or you're being disingenuous. He called it a "Creepy looking PICTURE", not a "creepy looking guy". I think any reading of this post points out the weird factor of the political strategy, rather than the politics of personal destruction.

@Anon you'd have a point if he talked about policy, but he's trying to use a national issue, and surf the t-bagger paranoia into office. This has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with fear.

Great post, Jon!

Kristopher Owens said...

I can only speak to my experience. That's great that she's provided positive experiences for you. Vote for her. For me, and people I know and have talked to, this has not been their experience.

I can live in her district and say I nothing about her because that's the truth. By virtue of the fact that you read and write on this blog, you seem to be politically active (as is Steph which is why I don't buy her argument that she's not politically active at all). However, many in this district are not, as is the case in lots of districts all over Indiana and the country. What's my point? In my experience, the politically active and connected are the ones who know anything about the incumbent. I am politically active, and I know very little, so can you imagine what the "average" person knows?

I lived on Raymond and Keystone for a while, and I next door to me was an elderly woman named Lois. She still lives there. She doesn't get email updates. She doesn't have a computer. So, while email updates are great, there are many people (like relatives I have who live in Norwood) who don't have access. And they've NEVER been visited by their representative. Or gotten a letter, or a phone call. This has been my experienc. And yes, I am a nice guy.