Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello Newman! Ballard Silent

Former Marion County Prosecutor and Public Safety Director, Scott Newman, added his name to the growing list of GOP power brokers asking for the resignation of Carl Brizzi.

Here's what he said from an article by Jon Murray in the Indianapolis Star:

"I do feel that Carl Brizzi has been an effective prosecutor for much of the last seven years," Newman, a Republican who left office in 2002 after two terms, told The Indianapolis Star. "However, the thicket of ethical issues that have emerged in the last two years or so is so dense that it threatens everything he's achieved, first of all, and has shaken public confidence in the office.

"His desire to vindicate himself . . . is much less important than the public's confidence in the office," Newman said. "And public confidence is a very fragile thing. I think the balance has tipped, and I do think Carl Brizzi should resign."

Still absent and without comment is Mayor Greg Ballard. As the Prosecutor's Office continues to unravel with new revelations seemingly daily about more shadiness, Ballard is off on a trade mission to India. He continues to be silent on the matter.

This is the same strategy that Mayor Bart Peterson employed, more or less, when former City-County Council President Monroe Gray was under ethics scrutiny towards the end of Peterson's second term as Mayor. It was also something that the GOP ripped him for. Now, the Mayor is getting a free pass from his own party as they continue to allow others to do the dirty work.

I still think it's going to take a bigger fish than Scott Newman to convince Brizzi that he needs to go. If Ballard or if even Governor Daniels were to join the chorus, then Brizzi might be forced out. Unless Brizzi is convicted of something, there appears to be no legal remedy for voters to remove him in Indiana.

I bet there would be some folks that would sign a recall petition for Brizzi. Newman and Republican candidate for Prosecutor Mark Massa might, but who knows about Greg Ballard? You can only guess that his silence means that he supports the beleaguered Prosecutor.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

I do not think we have the right to assume that Mayor Ballard's silence about our county prosecutor, who has not been formally charged with any crime, means that he still supports Brizzi.