Thursday, April 15, 2010

Greg Bowes May Have Some Explaining to Do on This Donor

Yeah, I'll just let Terry Burns over at the Indianapolis Times take it from here. Click here to link to his blog for the full report. Burns writes:

On March 30, Bowes reported receiving a $2,000 contribution from a corporation called Eckert & Martin Enterprises, Inc., which is listed on the report as being located at 3535 W. 16th Street. A check of that address shows that 3535 W. 16th St. is the home of a business called Club Venus (formerly Stripper's Showclub). According to Metromix, Club Venus is a place where "you may not find any Roman goddesses here, but you may think you're visiting Mount Olympus when these girls drop it like its hot on the first floor stage and then take it upstairs for private dances." Haven't elected officials in Marion County learned anything about staying away from strip joints?

Maybe a clerical error Greg? I can't imagine that Bowes is silly enough to accept a donation from a strip club. Regardless, he better have a good explanation or the Titanic has sunk here for him.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Has Greg explained this contribution, yet?

Anonymous said...

That ship sunk a long long time ago.