Monday, April 26, 2010

Greg Bowes: Good Man, Big Mistake

Greg Bowes is a good man. He's done an admirable job as Assessor, and he was a solid City-County Councillor. Somehow, I had him pegged as a guy that had some political sense, but I guess everyone is wrong at one point or another. Sorry Greg, but I can't think of any defense here for you unless you were misquoted by the Star.

As you may remember, Bowes' campaign finance report listed a $2,000 donation from the owner of a westside strip club. Today, the Indianapolis Times amplified what Bowes told the Indianapolis Star about the donation. I'm frankly amazed by this.

Indianapolis Times blogger Terry Burns writes:
Greg Bowes apparently doesn't get it.

As we reported a week or so ago, Bowes' single largest campaign contribution in his race for Marion County prosecutor came courtesy of a 16th Street strip joint.

Given former CCC member Lincoln Plowman's problems with strip joints, you'd think an elected official like Bowes would know better. Apparently not.

As Bowes told the Indy Star, he sees nothing wrong with taking money from a strip joint.

Here's what The Star had to say:
In the race to succeed Brizzi as Marion County prosecutor, Greg Bowes has taken some not-so-friendly fire from fellow Democrats about campaign donations.

Bowes, finishing his term this year as Marion County assessor, is running without the party's endorsement and with a fraction of the money of standard-bearer Terry Curry, an Indianapolis attorney. They will face off in the May 4 primary.

Of $7,874 Bowes recently reported raising since the start of the year, $2,000 came from Eckert & Martin Entertainment -- operator of Venus Showclub near Speedway.

Marion County Democratic Party Executive Director Adam Kirsch and Terry Burns, a Democrat-leaning political blogger and candidate for Lawrence Township constable, focused quickly on the donation, saying Bowes shouldn't have accepted it.

"Haven't elected officials in Marion County learned anything about staying away from strip joints?" Burns wrote on his blog, Indianapolis Times.

Bowes shrugged off the criticism, noting the check came after he met the company's owner while campaigning.

"He ought to have a chance to participate in our process, just like anybody else does," Bowes said. "All he asked for is that I do my job well."

Listen, nobody is perfect. I am not passing judgement on people that frequent these establishments or even the performers that make livings there. But is it wise for Greg Bowes, candidate for Marion County Prosecutor, to accept a donation from a strip club? I don't think so. Then, to just simply shrug it off as he seemed to have done.

I'm speechless.

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