Thursday, April 22, 2010

Diversity Theme at Layton Meet/Greet & Fundraiser

The slated Democratic Party candidate for Marion County Sheriff, Col. John Layton, was the guest of honor at a meet and greet/fundraiser at Forty Five Degrees Restaurant, downtown. About 50 people showed up to hear from Layton with some contributing to his campaign. A contribution was not required, however, to attend. (Full disclosure: I contributed $25.)

Layton talked at length about current Marion County Sheriff, Frank Anderson, and his efforts to recruit a diverse group of deputies within the various ethnic and racial communities in this diverse community. Layton also announced, to loud applause from the largely LGBT audience, that the department would be at Indy Pride in June to recruit deputies.

Of course, Layton is the Executive Officer of the Department and has served with Anderson every step of the way. As Layton has put it before, he has spent the last seven years at Anderson's "right hand."

He said that at times, when Anderson was out of town, he was given the responsibilities of Sheriff. "That's why I'm ready to lead," said Layton.

It appears that Anderson's support and Layton's hard work have paid dividends on the campaign contribution front. On Friday, Layton reported more than $133,000 on hand going into the Primary. He definitely is wielding the biggest checkbook of any candidate. Primary opponent Mark Brown's bottom line is thin with a little over $2,300 on hand.

Neither Republican candidate can match Layton. Bart McAtee has a little over $9,300 on hand, and Dennis Fishburn has $24,000. You can view the reports here.

Also, Layton's TV advertisement is now up on YouTube. If you haven't seen it, here it is. Layton is the only member of the MCSD running for Sheriff. Brown and Fishburn are Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sergeants, and McAtee is an IMPD Lieutenant.


Anonymous said...

He is in Violation of the Hatch act. He needs to check the rules. I am surprised that Brown has not filed a contest

Jon E. Easter said...

Please provide specifics anon. The Sheriff's Department was very careful to make sure that nothing was violated, according to Layton. If you know something specific, please tell it here...and please do it with an identifiable name. Otherwise, take the rumor and innuendo to blogs that appreciate it.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Layton is a fine gentleman, that is, to the best of my knowledge.