Monday, April 5, 2010

Butler Did Indy Proud

The talk all day around my workplace wasn't if Duke was going to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game; it was by how much Duke was going to win. Well, all the Hoosiers comparisons aside, Butler pretty much proved tonight that, whether considered a Cinderella or not, they were going to crash the coronation ball. They nearly got it done.

For the Bulldogs to have a great shot at winning it and then a near-prayer fall at the buzzer, I think you would have to say that the Bulldogs did Indiana proud. It was an amazing season and an amazing run that took the best team in the country at the end of the season to stop the Butler Express. In the clutch, Duke performed like champions...but so did Butler.

So, when this year's tournament is remembered, it will be remembered for the craziness and the upsets, but it will be most remembered for the way it ended...with that half court prayer glancing off the bucket. It was a classic, and the Butler Bulldogs were a major player. Congratulations to Butler and to Duke!

As much as I don't like Duke, I have nothing but respect for that program. They do things right, and they have the classiest of class at the head of the program, Mike Krzyzewski. Butler coach Brad Stevens didn't blink either defeating the likes of Tom Izzo and Jim Boeheim on the way to the Championship Game. He nearly bagged Krzyzewski, too.

It was an amazing night, and it was truly fitting of the NCAA's unofficial theme..."One Shining Moment."

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