Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brizzi Has NOT Resigned; Indy Democrat Wipes Off Egg

Apparently, the Carl Brizzi resignation story's originator, Chris Worden, got caught by the intricacies of the blogosphere. He writes:

No, your dreams did not come true, Marion County. A post I wrote last week when I got wind that he was going to make a public announcement just got put in an auto-post stack.

Brizzi is more strident than ever that he has done nothing wrong but played PR badly.

iPOPA apologizes to all who thought we had returned integrity to the office. The wait goes on....

...though I hope to put this exact same post up before December.

I will go further. I apologize to Carl Brizzi. I take no joy in your current situation.

I also apologize to the readers of this blog that may have been misled by the posting. I take accuracy very seriously at this blog, and I'd rather be late to a story but be accurate than to break it and be wrong.

Again, my sincere apologies.

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