Monday, March 29, 2010

Zoeller To Sue; Carson Reacts

No one is surprised that Governor Mitch Attorney General Greg Zoeller has decided to sue the U.S. Government over the health care reform bill. Congressman Andre Carson, who voted for the landmark legislation, has released a statement in opposition to the suit.

INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman AndrĂ© Carson released the following statement today reacting to Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s decision to join a lawsuit challenging the new health care reform law.

“I have great respect for our Attorney General Greg Zoeller, but I completely disagree with his decision to join a suit challenging the new health reform law.

“The Constitution gives broad authority to Congress to regulate activities that substantially impact interstate commerce, and this authority has been further defined and strengthened through case law via the U.S. Supreme Court. There is no question our health care system affects our national economy—it accounts for nearly 16 percent of our GDP.

“Furthermore, the new law’s requirement for shared responsibility among people to carry health coverage is similar to many state laws requiring auto insurance. The health reform law simply uses the tax code to incentivize Americans to have health insurance to prevent passing on their emergency medical costs to the broader tax base.

“The fact is we’ve had this debate for more than a year, and I believe the American people and Hoosiers are growing tired of the continuous political posturing on this topic.

“Our state leaders should be focused on ensuring every Hoosier can take full advantage of these historic enhancements to our health care system—not wasting taxpayer money to fight and eliminate these health benefits for small businesses, middle-class families and seniors.”

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Marycatherine Barton said...

I take it then that, unlike me, Andre will refuse to acknowledge that Chris Floyd is correct in writing that this 'health care reform' act for which he voted and defends, should more appropriately be entitled, "Compulsory Corporate Profit Act of 2010".