Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plowman Replaced

I have not followed the Lincoln Plowman fall from grace as much as several other bloggers in town have, and that's pretty much the reason I haven't. Anyway, there really has not been that much to follow other than rumor and innuendo since he resigned, and the details have been fairly slow coming from authorities. It appears now, according to the Star, that details are starting to emerge. I will let you read the article on your own here.

Regardless, the GOP PCs in Franklin Township have chosen attorney Aaron Freeman to replace Plowman in District 25. There were reportedly four other candidates for the job. Freeman is the President of the Franklin Township GOP Club and is a former Deputy Prosecutor. He works for the firm Ladd, Thomas, Sallee, Adams & Freeman.

Unfortunately, Freeman becomes the latest Councillor to join the body after a resignation or ousting. Gone are the days of Rozelle Boyd and Beurt SerVaas who both served years and years on the Council. In fact, of all 29 seats on the Council, only five are filled by Councillors seated prior to 2004. Those include Mary Moriarity Adams (1988), Monroe Gray (1992), Bob Cockrum (1996), Jackie Nytes (2000) and Joanne Sanders (2000). Cockrum has announced his retirement from the Council after his term ends, and is the only Republican to be seated in the 20th Century still on the Council.


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Karen said...

Jackie Nytes has been serving since 2000.

Jon E. Easter said...

Thank you Karen. The correction has been made.