Sunday, March 21, 2010

Personal Prerogative: My Political Future (for now)

Friends and loyal readers:
I know may seem to some like a completely egotistical thing to do, but I want to make an announcement here.

I am not seeking elective office in either 2010 or 2011. I will not be running for the City-County Council seat in District 22 or At-Large. A few people have inquired about what I plan to do and running for elective office is not in my plans at this point.

Instead, I do plan to continue to concentrate on my day job. I plan to continue to blog here, and to continue to work in whatever way I can to get Democrats elected in Decatur Township, in Marion County, in Indiana and across the country. At this point, a run for office might derail me from any of these things.

Someday, I may seek elective office again, but I do not feel this is my moment just yet. Thanks though to everyone that has inquired and asked me about this. It's quite flattering and humbling to think that you think so highly of me and my views that you think I might make a good candidate for public office. Your support is appreciated.

Best Regards,
Jon Easter

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