Thursday, March 4, 2010

Osili Takes Voter-Friendly Position on Township Government Question

In an e-mail to supporters, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, Vop Osili, has carved out a rather pragmatic position on the question of the preservation of township government.

Here is the release from his campaign:
"There has been much discussion in both the Indiana House and Senate about a plan for consolidation of certain elected positions within county governments. While the general idea of consolidation is compelling, there is a fundamental principal that has been overlooked and deserves examination: the right for local communities to decide for themselves the form and function of their government.

As candidate for Secretary of State of Indiana, I applaud efforts to increase efficiency of local governments. However, I believe a one-size-fits-all plan carries with it potentially perilous consequences for the distinct and diverse communities across our great state.

Indiana's local governments have adapted over the last two centuries of our statehood to meet the needs of their communities, large and small. As such, it is clear from these varying evolutions that there exists no single cookie-cutter approach to governing local communities across our state.

I support the right of local communities in each of our 92 counties to govern as they know best. Let the people decide.


Vop Osili

Democrat Candidate, Indiana Secretary of State"