Wednesday, March 10, 2010

May Rolls Out Normal Attack On Carson

Carlos May, the slated Republican candidate for Congress in the 7th Congressional District, has rolled out the same old "corruption and inaction" attack that many have tried on Julia or Andre Carson before.

In a video he posted on YouTube last month, May said, "What gives our current Congressman the right to hold this office aside from a last name and a political dynasty that has been marred by inaction and corruption. Now, I'm going to be different."

Here is the video. I would watch the whole thing if I were you (for entertainment value), but, if you're looking for the charges, cue the outrage at about 1:50.

What gives the current Congressman the right to hold this office? What about what he has done for the 7th District so far?

Congressman Carson has brought back millions of dollars in federal money to help finish projects such as the new cultural trail. There was the $10 million that will target high-growth industry job training. In cooperation with Mayor Ballard, Carson announced $23 million in recovery act money to fix Indy's crumbling infrastructure. He's been an advocate for an accurate census. Carson has brought back millions for public education, law enforcement, struggling homeowners, IUPUI defense research, fixing Indy's energy grid, relieving flooding, medical research, developing battery and hybrid technology, promoting the purchase of energy efficient appliances, veterans, etc., etc., etc.

Congressman Carson has one of the best attendance records missing only 0.2 percent of the votes in this session. He has represented the district well in Washington, and he is home nearly at every opportunity. He maintains a residence in town, and his wife continues to teach locally. Congressman Carson is a very visible Congressman, and he is accessible despite what the critics and the candidates are trying to insinuate.

The voters gave Congressman Carson the right in 2008 to serve in the seat three times alone. He defeated Jon Elrod to claim the seat in the Special Election in March. Less than two months later, he defeated an all-star Democratic crowd to win the nomination in the primary. In November, he punted Republican nominee Gabrielle Campo by winning 65 percent of the vote in the district. Does May think these seemingly baseless claims are going to change the way the district feels about Carson?

Despite the many more examples of ACTION from Congressman Carson, the former Mayor's Neighborhood Liaison claims to have received specific complaints about how Congressman Carson has failed to act on the complaints of constituents. I can give specific instances where Congressman Carson HAS acted on the complaints on constituents. So, assuming that May can provide any examples at all, that's a push.

That leaves this so far unproven charge of corruption that has supposedly followed the Carson name for years. Despite a direct e-mail and a response that they would provide the information, the May campaign has yet to respond with any specific proof of this charge. They did direct me to a Wall Street Journal article documenting supposed irregularities in Congresswoman Julia Carson's GOTV (Get Out The Vote) program from nearly eight years ago.

Haven't we advanced beyond this petty kind of politics that simply level charges with no proof?

In May's defense, the video was directed at his slating audience. That's going to be more of a "red meat" kind of crowd than a group of independents. In the video, though, he says he wants to be a candidate for a variety of constituents including "disaffected Democrats." Despite his attempts, May has just become the same old GOP standard-bearer in the district by repeating that old Marion County Republican line that has yet to bear fruit in any shape or form. Whether the candidate is Congresswoman Carson or Congressman Carson, the Marion County GOP has used the same playbook for years. It hasn't worked at anytime in the past, and it's not going to work in the future.

If May wants to make a dent, or more than likely, a very small door ding, he's going to have to talk issues and play up his experience as the Mayor's Neighborhood Liaison. That's going to get lost in this campaign if he continues to make silly allegations that seemingly bear no grounding in reality.

I would say May has no chance. He is a bright, friendly guy and stranger things have happened in an anti-incumbent year. Still, he sounds unsure of his own chances in the video. Assuming he survives the primary, I just don't think May can live up to his own lofty goals in the campaign. He has no chance, though, to beat a Congressman that has done his job completely and served his constituents in such a high-quality manner.


IndyDem said...

What gives him the right?? I'd say his resounding victories at the ballot box by staggering margins is what gives him the right... How else do you earn that right?
The voters express their confidence in a candidate by voting for them.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Like the great Congressman Dennis Kucinich cries, this Congress is authorizing the spending of trillions on war, and diddly squat on Americans. I agree with the Honorable Evan Bayh, that in protest to their being in the deep pockets of the wealthy money interests, we should vote all the incumbents out. As Bayh pointed out, on television, this will send a terribly needed, powerful message to Congress, about the power of the everyday people.

Anonymous said...

Marycatherine: with all due respect, while you may be correct about a number of legislators, it is unfair to generalize across the entire bunch. Would you want someone to evaluate you based on a generalization or would you want them to evaluate you based on your actions?

I believe Carson has done a great job for his constituency and I will vote for him in November.

Anonymous said...

What May doesn't get is that he is talking to his base. His base is not nearly enough to win in the 7th District. This kind of talk doesn't work with D's or I's.

Not very creative.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Of course it doesn't hurt Andre Carson in getting the voters' endorsement when he is running in a 60% Democratic district. Julia Carson always ran behind the baseline D number in the district. Andre Carson actually ran better than the baseline last time, which is unusual. I'm still not convinced though Andre is going to get R-leaning voters to vote for him. He just needs to make sure to hold on to enough D-leaning voters to put him over the top.

Wilson46201 said...

That ancient WSJ piece about GOTV was an editorial hit-piece, not a news article. The WSJ used to have a very rigid wall wall between the news pages and the editorial page. The WSJ news was always well-respected -- WSJ editorials were always regarded as boilerplate GOP propaganda...