Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday so Here's a Hodge Podge of Information

OK...I won't do this much, but I got in late last night from watching the Butler game, so here us a hodge podge of things for your Friday.'s a what?

Taxpayers Short?
The Indianapolis Star published a very tough article by Heather Gillers on the actions of Washington Township Trustee Frank Short. The article talks about how Short spent $20,000 in taxpayer money fighting against paying a poor relief claim of $758 by a single mother. Short is the slated Democrat in the race for Trustee. Daniel Flack, a deep-pocketed and well-connected Democrat, is also running for the seat. I don't know Short that well, but it does raise questions about how much money the township should spend fighting claims like these with money so tight now. It also shines light on the spending of township governments at a time when they have been under scrutiny at the State House. I withhold further judgement here because I don't know all the facts.

John Barnes Fundraiser
On March 31, State Rep. John Barnes will be feted with a Beech Grove fundraiser at O'Gara's Irish Pub, 522 Main Street. Several Beech Grove mainstays are listed as sponsors along with Rep. Mary Ann Sullivan, Beech Grove Councillors Buddy Templin and Ed Bell, and Marion County Surveyor Debbie Jenkins. It runs from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. and former Indiana House Speaker John Gregg will speak. Suggested contributions begin at $50.

Burns for Constable Fundraiser
Fellow blogger Terry Burns is making a run at Lawrence Township Constable. He has a fundraiser coming up on Thursday, April 8 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Ambrosia Centro, 15 E. Maryland, in downtown Indianapolis. The host list? Well...try these names out for size: Ed Treacy, Sheriff Frank J. Anderson, Billie Breaux, Jean Breaux, John Bartlett, Melina Kennedy, Russell Brown, Frank Short, Carl Drummer, Kip Tew and J.C. Welch. Not bad huh? Donation levels start at $25.

Carson Speaks
Andre Carson will speak at the Walker Theater on April 19 as part of the Steward Speaker Series. The event runs from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. that evening with Carson speaking at 7:00 p.m. Tickets start at $20 for the lecture only and at $40 for the lecture and dinner. Find more information here.

Putting the D in Decatur
Decatur Township Trustee candidate Alexis Skirloff James is trying to unseat incumbent Steve Rink and recently held her first fundraiser at the Gaslight Inn. This is good news for Democrats. Despite many efforts, no Democrat filed in time to run for Trustee four years ago. With much experience in many different fields and a hard working attitude, James will be formidable as an opponent for Rink, who has to be one of the longest-serving GOP elected officeholders in Marion County.

Steve Terrell, who received 47 percent of the vote in 2006, is considering a run for Small Claims Court Judge. He can fill the ballot vacancy in June.

There are a couple of potential Constable candidates as well which means that the Decatur Dems may field a full slate for the first time on the Democratic side in years.

The Cost of Repeal
With the major Republican U.S. Senatorial candidates here in Indiana signing on to the "repeal" bandwagon when it comes to the new health care bill, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee put out a news release to show what the cost of this action would be to the citizens of Indiana.

If Health Reform were repealed in Indiana: A dismal picture

· An immediate $250 rebate to for the roughly 170,000 Hoosiers who will hit the Medicare Part D ‘donut hole’ this year would be revoked.
· 821,000 seniors will see higher Medicare premiums and have to pay more for preventive health care.
State Budget:
· $8.2 billion in affordability tax credits to 508,000 Hoosiers would be forfeited*
· $1.8 billion in federal Medicaid funding would be lost*
Small Businesses:
· 76,800 Hoosier small businesses will not get tax credits to help them afford coverage for their employees this year.
· Insurance companies will continue to deny coverage to the estimated 108,935 Hoosiers with a pre-existing condition.
· Family insurance premiums would increase by $1,530 - $2,190**
Children & Young Adults
· Insurance companies will still be able to deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions
· 598,178 young adults who would have been able to stay on their parents’ insurance plans this year would now be denied coverage.
*over 5 years
**by 2016

Spring Blog Break
With that, I will be taking a few days off for a nice Spring Blog Break. I will not be going anywhere special, but it will be a much needed moment of recharge after an interesting few weeks. The blog will resume daily updates on April 5. Check in though, I will be reserving the right to update periodically and weigh in on any, as our Vice President says, "Big f*cking deal(s)."

As always, thanks so much for your readership. It means so much!

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