Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Evans Speeds Pace of Mayoral Marathon

So far, Brian Williams, Melina Kennedy, and Ron Gibson have been sort of playing it nice when it comes to the race for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of Indianapolis in 2012.

Williams did ruffle some feathers with his attempt at a coup on the Marion County Democratic Party. Positive or negative results will not be known for quite some time to see if Williams has epic failed or succeeded in bringing in new voices loyal to him into the party fold.

Kennedy has been quietly plugging along releasing endorsement after endorsement after endorsement after endorsement of major players in the community, the Democratic Party and in the union organizations. She's been working with the existing Ward Chair and PC structure to maintain contact. So far, we haven't heard much policy talk from Melina as she seems to be trying to stay out of the way of the candidates duking it out in the critical 2010 elections.

Gibson just entered the race a few weeks ago, and his exploratory committee has just really started to get moving. Not much has been heard from the former At-Large City County Councillor since his announcement.

Jose Evans, however, has hit the ground running. His announcement last week coincided with the launch of a great looking website that pretty much laps the field so far in comparison to Gibson's website, Williams' website and Kennedy's website.

Yesterday, Evans fired a shot across the bow of Kennedy, Williams, and Gibson. In an e-mail to supporters soliciting donations, Evans accused his opponents (including Mayor Greg Ballard) of being subservient to the highest bidder. Here is the text of the donation e-mail:

Everyone knows that Washington is a slave to lobbyists and corporate special interests.

So is city hall. As a City-County Councillor, I've seen it with my own eyes. Downtown developers and big business interests bankroll politicians on both sides of the aisle. In return for their investment, the politicians do their bidding.

City hall is broken beyond repair. It's time to take it back. I'm running a different kind of campaign for mayor - a people powered campaign that relies on you. I've put up a goal on the front page of my website, joseevans.com. With your help, I need to raise $5,000 by March 31st from everyday people to power our campaign. If everyone who receives this email gives just $10 or $20, we'll revolutionize the way politics is done in the city and give power back to the people.


My opponents are all peas from the same pod - even the Democrats. They're all backed by downtown interests who want to continue with business as usual at City Hall.

I'm exploring a run for mayor to shake up city hall. I believe we need a real Democrat leading us and fighting for our neighborhoods - not another Democrat that bows before the downtown fat cats. If you agree with me, I hope you'll help us revolutionize politics in Indianapolis. Invest in my campaign by March 31st.


After you contribute, go to my website, JoseEvans.com, and, watch the racecar speed around the track toward our $5,000 goal. Your contribution is powering the racecar and my campaign.

Thanks so much for your time and support.

Jose Evans

I have contacted Williams, Kennedy, and Gibson for a response to the charges levied in Evans' e-mail. At press time, no candidates have responded.

It looks like that, while Evans took his time to announce, he has put together a nice early campaign strategy and has decided to fire the first shot at his opponents on both sides of the aisle. It has been a notable campaign roll out so far, but I didn't expect Evans to begin attacking this soon.

I guess he feels like he needs to make up for lost time and attempt to take the race into the dirt early. So far, front runners Kennedy and Williams have half sparred with each other as Gibson gets his campaign's sea legs. Evans felt the moment was right for an attack, and he delivered.

It's a quick and easy pivot though for the three candidates that Evans launched his volley at (if they decide to engage him this early). Kennedy and Gibson haven't been in public life for at least a few years, and Williams is making his first run at an office.

In contrast, Evans is the current sitting City-County Councillor, and he's the only one sitting in a city/county elected office. It should be fairly easy to examine his record as a Councillor and member of the Council's Ethics Committee to see what action he's taken to end this type of activity in city-county government.

I don't know if Evans' tactic will be successful or not, but it makes for a little early rough and tumble conversation as the Mayoral Marathon continues.


Anonymous said...

Jose's campaign finance report equals fiscal mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the strategy of a candidate who can't raise $. Let's face it.... the best candidate is the one who can raise large sums of $ from many sources and simultaneously run a great grass roots campaign. That's not Evans. The best candidate to do this is Kennedy. Williams is probably a distant second in this regard.

The theory that Ballard pulled it off with no $ and grassroots is a theory that doesn't look realistically at the 2007 election. State wide Property Tax hikes and ill-timed COIT caused 30% fewer voters to turn out. Ballard's total vote count was significantly lower than losing candidates for major county offices going back years and years.

Although Evans' website is sharp, he just won't be able to reach enough people on $5000 or even $10K per month fundraising.

Anonymous said...

Rec'd an Email this p.m. fr Brian S. Wlliams re: water co and what appears to be a political ad for Mayor. Who is Brian Williams ans most absent from his website/ad - - what party is he?????? What else does he stand for?? what other issues does he see as relevant???? WTH????