Monday, March 22, 2010

Does Carlos Agree?

From Carlos May's Facebook Page...these are comments to the picture to the right. If you are a Facebook member, click here to see it for yourself.

Maureen Nelson Faul If he stood any more on her heels he would have trampled her
Yesterday at 11:57pm · Report

Bradford Moulton Vote Him Out!
Yesterday at 11:57pm · Report

Kyle Bradley I hope she gets hit by a bus....
Yesterday at 11:58pm · Report

Dave Warren In November the people will speak their minds!
17 hours ago · Report

Roger Moody
17 hours ago · Report

Carlos May Please all spread the word about our campaign. Suggest this page to your friends by clicking on the "Suggest to Friends" link below my picture in the upper left hand corner! Let's build the team.
16 hours ago · Report

Does Carlos May agree with poster Kyle Bradley? He certainly did not denounce the claim, and he had the opportunity. Shouldn't we expect better from a Congressional candidate...even if he doesn't agree with the Speaker of the House or his opponent on issues? Is this the kind of politics we can expect in the 7th District race?

I ran into Carlos May at the Decatur Township Civic Council meeting tonight. After exchanging pleasantries, he complimented me on my fair portrayal of his comments regarding attacking Andre Carson's integrity and qualifications for the job of Congressman.

I asked him if he had seen my blog today, and he said that he had not. Apparently, he said that he had not been on the computer in a few days and that the comment after the "bus" comment on Nancy Pelosi did not come from him personally. I'm willing to cut him a break. Many times, campaign staffers log on as the candidate. I've done it, and I'm sure other candidates do it.

He said, "Obviously, I do not endorse violence whatsoever." He promised to update his post on Facebook to include something to that effect. As of update press time (9:16 p.m), users are still waiting for this update.

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iPOPA said...

Jon: I'm glad you wrote this post-script. Doesn't it seem that politics is getting a bit too "gotcha" these days? Seriously, I like to know what candidates and elected officials are doing, and social networking is a great vehicle for it, but if we hold a candidate responsible for every comment posted, even by people who they have no idea who they are, well, that's just grossly unfair, and it will just result in less information for people because no candidate will keep an account.

We would put these candidates in the position of doing nothing else but rebuking, rejected, qualifying, and accepting every comment posted.

As bloggers, we both know that we post tons of comments with which we don't agree. Can somebody go back and say, "Well, I guess Chris Worden subscribes to view A, B, or C! He didn't say he didn't!"

To do that is grossly unfair, and as I say all the time, I want to win on the merits of issues, not on some foolishness.

We have to remember to not let virulent attacks by SOME Republicans lead us into that gutter.