Friday, March 5, 2010

Daniels Channels Frank Drebin

Ronald Reagan was a teflon President. It seemed like no matter the charge or the evidence; things just wouldn't stick to him. Will Mitch Daniels be that kind of Republican?

With approval ratings riding high right now despite deep budget cuts in areas of extreme importance to Hoosiers, Republicans are touting Mitch Daniels as a possible GOP Presidential candidate in 2012. If Mitch has the same people doing his job approval polling numbers that did his jobs creation numbers, the GOP might want to reconsider.

Evidence is mounting that Governor Daniels and his administration may have cooked the books on jobs numbers during the 2008 campaign and the two years previous. This is a MAJOR part of Governor Daniels so-called success narrative. Without Governor Daniels' "island of growth" theory, (that Indiana has grown jobs at a great rate while other states have lost them) he becomes, frankly, a pretty average or even below average governor.

In case you haven't been following the story, WTHR's Bob Segal has been doing some great work. This is the latest report from Segal which reviews the over seven minute initial report and finally gets the Governor's reaction to being caught in the middle of something.

Let's go back and review that quote in the piece from Daniels because it's critical to understanding the kind of person the Governor is. I'm not going to call him names, but I'll let his words and actions tell the story. Does this sound like a kind of man with the temperament to lead a country?

Confronted by Segal with all this evidence, the Governor attempted to pivot away and divert the story. You know, I'll let Terry Burns over at the Indianapolis Times take it from here.

"You seem to have a blindingly clear view of what is perfectly obvious."

So what's Daniels saying? Is he admitting that he's knowingly misled Hoosier all these years? Is he admitting that the IDEC has been cooking the books when it comes to jobs? It's almost impossible to say because the governors doesn't seem willing to give anyone a straight answer.

"You seem to have discovered the obvious, namely that none of these jobs were ever scheduled to happen in the first year. Secondly, that some of them in a recession don't happen," Daniels told WTHR.

I think, in essence, I think this is what Governor Daniels is trying to say.

It's kind of the same strategy Daniels and his administration used when he was confronted on the campaign contributions he took by the hundreds of thousands from disgraced financier Tim Durham. From writer David Kesmodel of the Wall Street Journal back on Dec. 21, 2009...

Mr. Durham has given $195,000 to Gov. Daniels since 2003. The money has been spent, so "there is nothing to return," said a spokeswoman for the governor, who was elected to his second and final term last year.

In essence, "Nothing to see here; please disperse."

Hey Governor Daniels, unless your auditioning for a new and updated version of Police Squad or the newest Naked Gun movie, tell the truth to Hoosiers because you just don't do defensive very well.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Segal is such the Investigative Journalist....joke. Say what you will about the Governor. He is a fiscal conservative who has turned our state around after the brutal incompetence of O'Bannon and Kernan administrations. We have a surplus, we have created jobs (whether it 100% or 70% of projected) we have created jobs. Daniels has brought foreign opportunities back to Indiana. he has improved the chances of Indiana graduates staying in indiana. Boy what a crime that is. Lets put another tax and spend democrat in the office to bankrupt the state again.

Jon E. Easter said...

Governor Daniels has gutted our schools, disrespected Hoosier workers, sold our state's assets, and now, apparently, cooked the books to make himself look better.

What a great record!

Anonymous said...

Mitch Daniels is a phony!!

Marycatherine Barton said...

I agree with Jon and anon 7:19. Re the question about Daniel's temperament, no, his is not what we want in a president.

Anonymous said...

Daniels has brought the state into an envious position seeing how many others are bankrupt and falling apart at the seams. Had the previous administration not nearly bankrupted the state, sacrifices would not have to be made. That is a word you liberals fail to understand. Sacrifice. You cannot have it both ways. You cant tax and spend the state or the country for that matter into oblivion, and have first class education, welfare, and other programs. You guys never fail to amaze me at your gross incompetence in saving a dollar. it's spend it all now and borrow more if we run out so that we can make sure slackers have their welfare checks and unneeded social programs run amuck. Then trash the guy that comes in and cleans it all up and puts money back in the rainy day fund.

I know that the governor cares deeply about education, but you simply have to create a budget and stick to it until you have the funds to enhance your other programs. Education is on the top of the list, but I am sure you Dems wont give him a chance to show you what he can do. You'll run your sarcastic ads and exposes and investigative reports until he is rendered ineffective. Then we will be right back in the mix of sub-par states with no surplus, no better an education system than we have right now, but hey everyone will get their welfare checks and you all can rally round your new liberal governor for your photo ops.