Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baron Hill To Vote Yes on Health Care

Statement from his House website:

“Throughout my congressional tenure, I have heard countless stories of how our current health care system has failed hard-working Hoosier families, and how insurance companies have engaged in unconscionable practices not deployed by any other industry. By voting for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, I’m putting such words into action, and choosing to stand with those that have been shortchanged for far too long.

My concerns about the welfare of my constituents are matched by my concerns about our nation’s deficit. This reform version covers more uninsured Americans than the respective House and Senate bills, while also reducing the deficit more effectively. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the revised bill reduces the deficit by one hundred and thirty eight billion dollars during the first ten years of the program, and reduces the deficit by more than one trillion dollars in the second ten years, effectively making it the biggest deficit reduction legislation since 1993.

The health reform legislation, strengthened by the reconciliation bill, finally puts an end to insurance companies denying coverage to the ten thousand Southern Indiana residents with preexisting conditions. And immediately, the bill prohibits insurance companies from dropping people when they get sick, while also eliminating lifetime limits and restrictive annual limits on coverage.

Regarding abortion concerns, I have thoroughly reviewed the language prohibiting federal funding of abortion services and my conscience is clear that both reform bills accomplish the same goal — no taxpayer funds can be used to pay for elective abortions.

When the roll is called, I will proudly cast my vote in support of a bill that covers thirty-two million Americans, allows all Americans to access a private insurance exchange similar to the one offered to me and my colleagues, stops the abusive practices of insurance companies, and accomplishes those goals in a fiscally-responsible manner.”

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