Thursday, February 11, 2010

Union Endorsements Flying Curry's Way

Democratic candidate for Marion County Prosecutor, Terry Curry, is beginning to receive some major union endorsements (and...presumably...some big campaign dollars) which should provide a shot in the arm for the former Deputy Prosecutor.

The United Steelworkers Local 1999 endorsed Curry earlier this week. Here is the news release:

INDIANAPOLIS - United Steelworkers of America Local 1999 today endorsed Democratic candidate Terry Curry in his campaign to be the next Marion County prosecutor.

"We've thrown our support behind Terry Curry to be the next Marion County prosecutor because we're convinced that he will return integrity and professionalism to the office," said Chuck Jones, president of USW Local 1999.

"Terry will be a full-time prosecutor who will focus on what's really important -- making our neighborhoods and our city safer. As a former prosecutor, Terry understands what's at stake, and he knows how get the job done," Jones said.

Curry said he was honored to receive the endorsement of the United Steelworkers. "This endorsement from the men and women of United Steelworkers Local 1999 means a lot to me personally, and it is a great boost to my campaign," Curry said. "The support I have received from across Marion County in these last few months shows that citizens are ready to elect a prosecutor who will bring integrity and a new direction, new perspective, and new leadership to the prosecutor's office."

Yesterday, the Laborers' International Local 120 became the latest union to endorse Curry. Again, from the Curry camp, here's the announcement:

INDIANAPOLIS - Laborers' International Union Local 120 today endorsed Democratic candidate Terry Curry for Marion County Prosecutor.

"We're supporting Terry Curry to be our next Marion County prosecutor because he will bring tough and proven leadership to the job, and will restore integrity to the office," said Ward Daniels, business manager of Laborers' Local 120.

"Terry also will be a full-time prosecutor who will spend all of his time focused on what's really important to everyone - working with law enforcement agencies across Marion County to make our neighborhoods safer," Daniels said.

Curry said the endorsement of Laborers' Local 120 "adds even more momentum for our campaign. It is my pledge to everyone in Marion County that as your prosecutor I will bring a new direction, new perspective, and new leadership to the prosecutor's office, and work every day to make Marion County an even safer place to live, work and raise a family."

If there was any doubt in Greg Bowes' or anyone else's mind that Terry Curry would be the Democratic nominee for Marion County Prosecutor, this should end that. Bowes' effort should be compared to a small community college taking on Duke in college basketball. Sure, you get upsets, but it's just not likely.

Anyway, this signals the ramping up of Curry's campaign. While he's been out getting support from the Democratic establishment and raising money, the Republicans have muddled through and settled on their candidate for Prosecutor, Mark "I was really chosen by Mitch Daniels to run" Massa. Labor's deep pockets will help Curry in his efforts to defeat Daniels' proxy.

Curry hinted on Monday at the Decatur Township Democratic Club meeting that more endorsements are forthcoming this week including the announcement of a union that endorsed Carl Brizzi in the past. I will wait for the news release before even speculating on that. It will be big news.

Like Curry, Daniels' dude Massa served as a Deputy Prosecutor. He has links to the Republican administrations of Steve Goldsmith and Scott Newman. Newman was the figurehead of the emergency committee to scour the county to find the Governor's General Counsel to run for the office of one of the only elected officials that can investigate state government.

It's good to see that Curry is beginning to get labor's support now that he has received the endorsement of former candidates Shroyer and Orentlicher. It also shows that the unions have decided this blogger has been saying for weeks...that Bowes' campaign is a long shot one at best. Terry Curry's campaign is on a roll right now.


XQRX912 said...

In this election year I would run away from endorsements from institutions such as unions, businesses, suspect slating convention run by lobbyists and large firm lawyers. Committeepersons deserve better than such a fix. This is the year for the principled, young-looking, reforming outsider. Not a tired, and old-looking insider.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Curry is quietly stacking the party up behind him. why is Bowes afraid of the slating process? No money? That might be a signal that he has nothing behind him?

Anonymous said...

XQRX912, you sound like a perfect republican. When a good candidate like Terry Curry has earned the endorsement of working men and women, it speaks loudly of his character. If you want a vote at the slating convention, file for committeeperson and when you are elected, you will have your vote and you can appoint a vice who has a vote. It is so easy to stand on the outside and throw rocks and make baseless accusations.