Monday, February 15, 2010

Spotted: Ballard Campaign Bumper Sticker?

On Saturday afternoon, I was at the bottom of the exit ramp from I-465 South to Kentucky Avenue. I was getting ready to turn south to head home, and I noticed this large, new, gleaming SUV sporting a FOP sticker in its back window. As I looked down towards the license plate, I noticed a big as day bumper sticker that said in big letters, "Mayor Greg Ballard (and below in smaller letters) Leadership At Work."

Three Democrats have now announced they are running for Mayor and are actively campaigning, but Mayor Greg Ballard has yet to announce. I would assume that bumper sticker may be an early indicator that, yes, Ballard is running for re-election and that the sticker was picked up at GOP slating.

"Leadership At Work" may be an early slogan, but it would be more true if you substituted "NO" in front of the slogan.

Ballard, on issue after issue, has shown virtually no leadership...or the wrong kind of leadership. He has stood by without comment as jobs leave the city, and he failed to respond quickly to the biggest issue to face him so far, the CIB mess. Rather than lead from the front, he attempted to go through the back door to kill the smoking ban only to be ratted out. He has seen a majority on the City-County Council be nearly squandered by defection and in-fighting. Ballard has been caught playing "country club" politics by allowing working police cars to be used as security measures at the businesses of campaign contributors. Most recently, he has grounded IMPD's crime fighting helicopters in the name of budget cuts. All this while raising taxes and fees and failing to live up to his original campaign promises.

If all this is Ballard's "Leadership At Work," I think he'll see the voters will grasp to his first campaign slogan, "Had Enough" and boot him out.

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Had Enough Indy? said...

That's got to be some fine print with all those letters on one bumper sticker !

Maybe they are test-marketing slogans. And other bumper stickers will say things like "Let's catch up when I'm back in town", or "Re-elect me -- There's still a few things I haven't sold yet", or maybe even, "I've got money now !"