Friday, February 12, 2010


After announcing his candidacy for Prosecutor, sending out a four-page letter to party loyalists saying he was running for Prosecutor and not going to participate in slating, and appearing at countless functions saying he was running for Prosecutor over the last year, Abdul Hakim-Shabazz writes this morning that Greg Bowes is going to "formally" announce he's running for Prosecutor today. This comes as the Democrats are set to meet to slate Terry Curry as the party's choice on Saturday.

Greg is a friend of mine, and I can't for the life of me understand all of this. So, it's time for a little more tough love.

Greg, we get it by now. We know you're running. You have been outworked and outpaced by a candidate with more experience in the type of work for the office you both seek and a candidate who is better organized and already "tourney-tested." Terry Curry has clawed his way past strong candidates like Butch Shroyer and David Orentlicher...and get where he is today. Why is it that almost everyone gets this but seemingly you? You have a bright future in politics. As a friend, I urge you to drop out now. Politically, if you keep digging buddy; you'll reach China.

Terry Curry has not only begun to garnish big time endorsements (IBEW Local 481 today); he is beginning to collect the cash needed to defeat Mitch Daniels/Mark Massa in the fall. Greg, you have done little or nothing other than fight this losing battle to change slating. The argument can be made that slating sucks, but it's the party's rules now. You can effect more change from the inside than the outside, and you've used slating before as a City-County Council candidate and a candidate for Assessor. You have been on the inside with a voice.

Still, you push this now. You won't win. I don't care what people leaving comments say here. You will not beat Terry Curry in the spring. If you do, I will be the first to eat crow...feathers and all. I will congratulate you on your stunning upset. But, with a campaign crippled by all of this acrimony, how are you going to beat Mark Massa and the Mitch Daniels machine? We've seen first hand that voters in Marion County have kept the Prosecutor's Office in Republican hands. Massa is Daniels' selection, but he is a formidable candidate that only Terry Curry can beat.

Most Democrats seem to realize that Curry is the best shot to beat the Republicans. He may be the favorite with the way the county has tracked in voter registration. Still, Mitch Daniels' machine will back Massa with everything it can. The last thing the Governor wants is a tough, immensely qualified Democrat like Terry Curry sitting in the Prosecutor's Office in Marion County. Raising a little over 7K like you did last year won't work when the Daniels crew has millions.

Greg, you can announce it as many times as you want, but it's a foolish and politically self-destructive path you are on here. Loyal Democrats will not forgive you for this. Drop out now and save what you can...that's my advice. Take it or leave it.

And, thanks again for the Christmas card.


Anonymous said...

Dear Greg: Buy a vowel.

XQRX912 said...

Goldsmith=Modisett=Newman=Brizzi = [Massa or Curry]. All handpicked by the powers that be. It is time for an outsider. I feel more comfortable with a prosecutor candidate that is not endorsed by the leadership of institutions. [Don't kid yourself, the endorsement of a Union president is not the endorsement by rank and file.] I want a prosecutor that makes powerful institutions uncomfortable. What other public official will keep them honest? Really, you want a prosecutor selected by lobbyists and large law firm attorneys? Why would they pick someone unless he was a "friend"? A prosecutor should be no one's friend.

Anonymous said...

XQRX912,..... and who do you think this person is......? Not someone who spent a few months in the office? I think not!! Curry has years of successful experience.

Marycatherine Barton said...

If Greg Bowes can withstand all this polical pressure to withdraw his candidacy for prosecutor, he is an inspiration to independents everywhere.

XQRX912 said...

Remind me, how large was the office that Mr. Curry managed and for how long? He shared space with a few other lawyers and has been on a big firm tit since, hasn't he?

And I am left wondering if the local Democatic party's mandatory slating fees violate national party rules.

Full Participation
Section 1. The Democratic Party of the United States shall be open to all who desire to support the Party and who wish to be known as Democrats.

Section 2. Discrimination in the conduct of Democratic Party affairs on the basis of sex, race, age (if of voting age), color, creed, national origin, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, ethnic identity or physical disability is prohibited, to the end that the Democratic Party at all levels be an open party."

Slating fees seem like a very clear violation as they discriminate based upon economic status [lack of funds].

Happy Valentine's Day.

Jon E. Easter said...

First of all, as I've stated before, this blog represents my opinion and not that of anyone else or anything else. Greg Bowes is a big boy, and he can take my opinions or leave them (as he has many times before).

Secondly, I sort of resent the implication that Terry Curry is the candidate "selected by lobbyists and lareg law firm attorneys" because I sat directly down with Terry and he asked me for my support.

When we sat down, we talked about his view of what the Prosecutor's Office should be and how a Curry administration would be different from those of the past. He talked about his background trying cases involving white collar crime and political corruption. He also told me about his progressive views on many of the issues that I find valuable to me.

We didn't agree on everything. We agreed on a lot though. I am just a Ward Chair and President of the smallest township's (by population) Democratic Club.

PC's, Vice PC's, and Ward Chairs received a four-page letter from Greg Bowes about how he wanted to run for the office but would not pursue slating. That's fine. I have no quarrel with him there.

People are comparing him to Julia Carson or Bill Crawford, though. That's just a poor comparison. With apologies to Greg, he is no Julia Carson. Julia was a special person to me. She was my political grandmother. Julia was amazing, dynamic, and a firecracker. To compare Greg Bowes run for Prosecutor to Julia Carson's run for Congress or Trustee or state legislature is just silly.

Electing Terry Curry will make Mitch Daniels uncomfortable. Electing Greg Bowes will have no impact because...he won't run hard, and he won't win.

Bottom line XQRX912...Terry Curry has worked for the support you say was thrust upon him. Greg did not even work for my support...and I am a friend of his (or perhaps was a friend).

Jon E. Easter said...

If Bowes had raised more than $7,000 he might have been able to pay the slating fee. Unfortunately, he could not. He paid slating fees before and never felt as if they were unfair. Why didn't he speak up then?

XQRX912-Are you Greg Bowes?

Greg Bowes said...

As I told Terry Burns on his blog today, I am not XQRX912. I post under my own name.
This is not some quixotic fight over how our party is organized. Whether we can make our community safer is much more important than whether our party's slating rules are fair.
Jon, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but one reason I have not specifically and personally asked you for your support is because you seemed to have already made up your mind. I would love to talk to you about my qualifications so you can compare them to any other candidate. I believe my qualifications make me the best candidate, and the best prosecutor. IPOPA sent me a good questionnaire about that, and my answers are at I want your support as well as that of everyone else. If you want to sit down with me, I'll do it at your convenience.
By the way, you will see my name on the ballot, and in the meantime, you will see who works the hardest. I believe I will win, both in May and in November.

Anonymous said...
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Jon E. Easter said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Greg. Thanks for also taking all of this in the right manner. None of this is meant to be personal.