Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rokita May Have Some Explaining To Do

Secretary of State Todd Rokita attended "Christian Citizenship Sunday" put on by Chad Carter, Pastor of Family Harvest Church, November 2, 2008. Carter's message attacks gay marriage as a "perversion" and he also appears to be staunchly anti-abortion. Rokita is mentioned about the 6:52 mark and is shown heading for the door at about the 7:04 mark of the video.

Do you think Congressional candidate Rokita will have something to explain on this one? I mean, Republicans made a campaign issue out of Jeremiah Wright's views as President Obama's personal Pastor, and he wasn't even seen in the sanctuary when anything controversial was being said. In the interest of fairness, there is no evidence that Rokita is a member of this church or a disciple of Pastor Carter's.

On Myspace, there are pictures of Rokita in the crowd worshipping as well as this one where Pastor Carter appears to be "healing" a woman. Rokita is on the far left of the picture behind Pastor Carter's wife.

I will say that the church's website has a spot for Secretary Rokita's endorsement of the church. There is no quote from Rokita, but it does say that he "addressed the Family Harvest Church on Pastor Carter's first Christian Citizenship Sunday just two days before the historic presidential election of November 2008."

Rokita isn't running for President, but these are all federal issues he will now be asked to comment on. Merely being in the room while Carter attacked gays and abortion doesn't mean that Rokita agreed with him...but it at least makes you wonder.


iPOPA said...


I've been with many candidates who've gone to church services, and they have no idea what is going to be said from the pulpit. I am not saying I know Rokita's views, but I can say he looks pretty pained as he's leaving. Seriously, read his body language and tell me it's not, "Let's get out of here."

I have always taken the view that many people join a church to serve their fellow congregants and to try to live a more holy life, not to accept the message in total. As a young Catholic, there were many things the Church espoused that none of us followed. The idea that every person who attends a church accepts everything said from the pulpit is, frankly, ludicrous, so even if Jeremiah Wright would occasionally cross into an anti-American attitude, it never meant to me that Obama did, even if Obama attended his church for decades. Instead, I decided I would judge Obama by his own words and actions, just as I did with my fellow Catholics.

Even so, I still see a marked difference between someone attending a church on a Sunday as a political thing and somebody who is a lifetime congregant.

I say this because if Rokita is going to be beaten, I want it to be because of his stated views or his code of conduct as described by Spencer in A Loyal Opposition, not because his staff put him in the wrong church on an isolated Sunday. Obama went to Rick Warren's church, but I bet he doesn't subscribe to all of Rick Warren's views.

Rokita may very well have the same views as this pastor (who needs to refresh himself on what gluttony means), but this video doesn't prove it.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, this will cost him the election.

Chris Spangle said...

Attending one service versus attending a church for 30 years is quite a stretch, Jon.

Secondly, you Democrats were screaming that wasn't an issue back in 2009, and now your throwing this against a Republican?

Retribution politics doesn't suit our system well.

Doug said...

Rokita's radio ads warning against faith-based investment fraud (in which he uses the phrase "in the name of the Lord") is little but naked pandering to the religious right. He's speaking to them in code so that the republican base will support his electoral ambitions.

What is so amusing about the ad is his admonition to essentially not trust anyone who shares your religious denomination with your money. THAT is the epitome of modern-day conservatism; i.e. God is good (to the right people) and greed is even better!

Jon E. Easter said...

I just posted the video.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm pretty sure that being against abortion in Indiana won't hurt Rokita at the polls.