Monday, February 1, 2010

Rokita Running

As reported everywhere today, Todd Rokita, Indiana's self-promoting Secretary of State, is running for the 4th District Congress seat to be vacated by Steve Buyer. This sets up what could be an extremely interesting fight between the anti-gay Brandt Hershman and the anti-voter Todd Rokita.

What a choice huh?

Here's Rokita's announcement from his Facebook page.
“Last week I said what most Hoosiers already know-- that we need real leadership in Washington D.C.

“Every year as Secretary of State, and for two years before, I traveled to every one of Indiana’s 92 counties. It’s in the small towns and far reaches of our great state where I have learned how to best serve Hoosiers and where I get my marching orders. Because of this, I am deeply familiar with the people and issues of the beautiful counties that make up Indiana’s fourth congressional district. Even more, Kathy and I made the 4th District our home five years ago and are raising our growing family here.

“I continue to enjoy the challenge of helping to lead Indiana’s successful 21st Century comeback. Any objective observer would conclude that we have done a lot in and with the Office of Secretary of State, including reducing its size and cost while improving service to Hoosiers. But, as my time as your Secretary of State begins to wind down, Kathy and I have thought and prayed about how we can best serve others either in or out of elected office. Then, last week we had the opportunity and were asked to consider running for either the U.S. House or Senate, all within a day or so.

“For us, it became clear that the best way we can work on reducing the national debt and generating good jobs, strengthening our national and homeland security, and nurturing an environment based on conservative family values – is to ask the people of the 4th Congressional District for the opportunity to serve them in Congress. Over the next several months, my team and I will work morning, noon, and evening crisscrossing the district and detailing our plans and ideas.

“We are looking forward to continuing to help Indiana’s Comeback and I thank our many supporters for their encouragement and offers of assistance.”

In case you've forgotten, Rokita has spent millions of state money raising his name recognition in the interest of "public service" by running some useful but self promoting PSAs on television and radio stations statewide. Nearly each spot notified the listener or viewer that it was a service of Rokita's Office like the one I found on Youtube below.

I'm sure Democrats are also anxious to point out Rokita's unfortunate 2007 comments on the relationship between black voters and the Democratic Party.

I think it went something like...from the Washington Times Herald in 2007:
During a...speech at the Daviess County annual Lincoln Day Dinner, Republican Secretary of State Todd Rokita said 90 percent of blacks vote Democrat and questioned why.

“How can that be?” Rokita was quoted as saying by Nate Smith of the Washington Times-Herald. “90 to 10. Who’s the master and who’s the slave in that relationship? How can that be healthy?”

Rokita issued one of those clarification statements and an apology to "anyone that was offended" by the comments. I'm sure that comment will be dredged up again. Anyone with Internet access can find it easily like I did. While Rokita now lives in the 4th District, he also is from Munster up in the bed of Indiana political corruption, Lake County. Ok...I know what you're thinking...but the Republicans use it against us, so I can at least throw it up there and see if it sticks.

Rokita's announcement also removes another big name Republican from the race for Evan Bayh's Senate seat. They clearly seem to think that they can't raise the necessary campaign cash to be competitive for the seat. Looks like, for better or worse, it's Hostettler or bust for the Republicans. He's the only one with statewide name recognition.

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