Friday, February 26, 2010

New Candidate in Republican Sheriff's Race

Seeing an opportunity, Looney Tunes character Yosemite Sam slipped in under the radar and under the deadline to register as a candidate for Marion County Sheriff as a Republican. I don't know how the other blogs missed this one.

Sam, a political moderate, said that he saw an opportunity to run given the candidates on the Republican side, Dennis Fishburn and Bart McAtee. Sam said in an exclusive interview with Indy Democrat, "Ooooo! oooo! those guys make me soooo maaaad!" He then shot the phone 17 times.

Sam's longtime friend and campaign manager, Foghorn Leghorn was more diplomatic, "I say I say...son...these candidates on the Republican side are nice guys, but I say Sam is the best candidate." Sam had initially considered running as a Democrat after being contacted by the Brian Williams campaign to run for PC, but he decided not to do so. Apparently, Sam purchased a small animated home near Garfield Park.

The popular character drew criticism from the Republican camp as Chairman Tom John immediately condemned Sam's run against the slate. "Sam's choice to run is an abomination. People want a real person for their sheriff, and they don't just want some celebrity character who played an overbearing cowboy on some stupid tv cartoon."

Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy tried to comment, but we couldn't understand what he was saying over the laughter on the phone.

Before shooting the phone, Sam said he wanted to clean up the streets and put people in jail. "Those thievin' varmits deserve to be in my jail," said Sam. When informed that the Marion County Sheriff no longer has any patrolling duties, he said, "Why I oughta!!!"

Republican candidates Dennis Fishburn and Bart McAtee could not be reached for comment.

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