Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mr. McCain, Congress...Even the Brass Gets It

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates came out for the end of the ridiculous Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that is currently the law of the land when it comes to the United States military.

Admiral Mullen is the highest ranking officer to speak out so strongly against the policy, and he did so in front of members of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee. Here are his comments:

Mr. Chairman, speaking for myself and myself only, it is my personal belief that allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly would be the right thing to do. No matter how I look at the issue, I cannot escape being troubled by the fact that we have in place a policy which forces young men and women to lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens.

For me, personally, it comes down to integrity--theirs as individuals and ours as an institution.

I also believe that the great young men and women of our military can and would accommodate such a change. I never underestimate their ability to adapt.

I guess we'll now see if the Republicans truly, as they have always said, "Follow the advice of the Generals and the military leadership."

If Republican leaders like John McCain are any indication, that's not going to happen. The Arizona Republican came out in favor of keeping the policy in place. Read all about it in the Washington Post.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

Call Admiral Mullins, admirable. Not so, Senotor McCain.