Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mitch for Prosecutor!

Make no mistake about it. Mitch Daniels is now in the race for Marion County Prosecutor. It has nothing to do with Republican “candidate.”

The man that already controls almost every aspect of state government not related to the Indiana House of Representatives and that has serious roots into Republican leadership at the Indianapolis city and Marion County levels wants another office. He’s personally selected Mark Massa, his former General Counsel, to run for what some people call the second most powerful office in the State of Indiana.

Why is the Marion County Prosecutor so powerful? Because the seat of Indiana government is in Marion County, any criminal case that’s filed against the state is tried here by the Marion County Prosecutor. This individual can investigate state government and decide whether or not to pursue cases against the state. Hmm…why would Mitch want to control the Marion County Prosecutor again? Certainly the guy would have nothing to hide right?

The entering of Massa…er…Daniels into the race also opens the door for some of that tainted Daniels campaign money that might or might not have been provided by disgraced financier Tim Durham to re-circulate through Republican coffers. Daniels claims the Durham-tainted money has been spent, but, curiously, he still has money in his campaign account…who’s to say what dollars went where?

Make no bones about it. It’s Mitch Daniels that wants the job of the Marion County Prosecutor. It’s his power grab. Mark Massa is just the latest marionette joining Tony Bennett, Richard Mourdock, Greg Zoeller, most of the Indiana General Assembly Republican Caucus, and many others. At its most basic level, it’s Democrat Terry Curry vs. Mitch Daniels. Independence vs. Control. At stake is the citizen’s voice in the Prosecutor’s Office.


LucySky said...

"At its most basic level, it's Democrat Terry Curry vs. Mitch Daniels." ~~While the point of your story concerning the Republican candidate is well taken, please don't forget that the Democrats have 2 candidates for Prosecutor, Curry & Greg Bowes.

Jon E. Easter said...

Bowes has seemingly abandoned the campaign trail and has not been at club meetings or party functions lately. If he's pursuing the office, he has a funny way of showing it. He has raised a fraction of the money Curry has raised.

Curry, in my opinion, as I've said before, is the only serious candidate in the race now. Bowes is in to grind an axe or push a principle at this point. Sorry, I have to call it like I see it. Greg knows this is the way I feel as he and I have had discussions on the matter.

If Greg Bowes wants to help the office turn Democrat, he should drop out and endorse Curry. Butch Shroyer and David Orentlicher have both done so.

Anonymous said...

Jon, you are 100% correct. We [Democrats] have one candidate for prosecutor. Terry Curry. The pseudo campaign of Greg Bowes is nothing but a vendetta against someone and something. It is going nowhere and everyone knows it. Besides he has next to no experience as a prosecutor.